Letters to the Editor
September 21, 2023

To the Editor:

When I returned from a month-long hiatus from the internet, cable TV, and even newspapers, I felt as I did when, years ago, I left the Dominican Novitiate in San Rafael and rejoined the world. I found myself in a place only somewhat familiar. I felt overwhelmed, displaced for a while afterward. I felt that way when I rejoined the world this week.
Leaving aside the tragedies of natural disasters and the threats of international conflict, it is what is happening in our political system, and the fact that our “United States” is considering its own suicide, that is shocking. Having been away from it, political reality was more contentious and threatening than I recalled.

The reaction of MAGA to indictments against former president Trump and others, based upon credible evidence though not yet proven, have caused judges and district attorneys to conduct voir dire of prospective jurors whose names must be withheld for their own safety against threats of harm to those who participate in the legal process. Not content or confident enough to allow our system of justice to find him “not quilty,” our former president threatens anyone opposing him. “If you go after me, I’m coming after you!” Trump warned the judiciary and prosecutors in all caps on Truth Social.
District Attorney Fani Willis in Fulton County, GA, has reported multiple racist threats before and after Trump’s indictment, and his supporters last month posted the names and addresses of investigative grand jury members who voted to charge the former president and his allies.

MAGA is threatening violence if Trump is found guilty of any charge and are willing to crush our constitutional republic if their legally and factually unsupported claims are not validated. People of both Parties are increasingly alarmed that the election of 2024 will become violent if citizens are prevented from voting, misinformation is spread to confuse and deter voters, one Party solely manages election processes, and allegations of fraud are made without evidence.

There is other dismaying news, but it is the outright threats and predictions of violence against each other that are so alarming, and the silence that emanates from other Republicans. It would be a tragic end to the American Experiment, more deadly than the Civil War because the differences are not centered within geographical boundaries. And it makes us vulnerable to other powers that will seek advantage in the self-induced failure of our “Union.”

Kelly Scoles,
Fillmore, Ca.