Letters to the Editor
September 14, 2023

Student Hopes to Start Bible Club at FHS

To the Editor:

Hello my daughter spoke at the school board meeting during public comment and I think she did amazing. Her name is Presley Simson aka Presley Hollis. She is 17 and a senior at Fillmore High School. She is normally a very shy girl with good grades who hasn’t had the easiest time in school. She regularly attends Faith Community Church at 355 D street here in Fillmore. She attends their High School Youth Group Sunday night at 6:30-8 pm at the D street campus. There is also a Jr High School youth group on Tuesday nights at the same time and place. Both are led by J. Donovan Mitchell and over seen by Pastor Dion Brooms. Presley has also served in the church by singing on the worship team as needed, helped with VBS and children’s ministry. She is an experienced Hume Lake attendee too. It has been so amazing to see her grow in her walk with the Lord that has led her to this point.

She looks forward to starting this prayer group with any of the high school kids who would like to go. Please see her speech below given on 9/5/23 at the School Board meeting at the district office:

“My name is Presley Simson and I’m a senior at Fillmore High School. Since I have been going to Fillmore since the first grade, I have always had a dream. That dream is that I can feel included too. I dream I have a safe space to go that was filled with positivity, and was uplifting, and I could praise God openly with my friends. I dream my friends could pray openly before sporting events with out being teased or reprimanded. I dreamed Fillmore High School actually had a prayer club for anybody who would want to join. I had a dream my values and beliefs mattered as much as everyone else’s. I dream you will listen to me today, and help me start a club where my friends and I can be included too. I do have outside support able and willing to help make my dreams come true. And please let me know if you are already in process of making something like this happen, and what step you are on. Thank you.”

She is so looking forward to all the support that is being offered to her to get this going on campus. Unfortunately, this piece has been missing at the high school and we look forward to knowing the kids who so desire to pray will be able to, together as a club. So everyone can feel included.

Thank you,
Brandy Hollis,
Fillmore, Ca