Letters to the Editor
September 13, 2017

To the Editor:
In the column, Realities, published on September 7th, the editor talks about the Voyager 1 spacecraft reaching 'the very edge of space.' Unfortunately, this is a misrepresentation of what Voyager 1 is accomplishing.
Voyager 1's extended mission was to reach the edge of the solar system, as defined by how far the Sun's solar wind reaches or influences are felt. It achieved that goal five years ago. It is now exploring interstellar space. The space environment is different within the Sun's influence and in interstellar space. Understanding the differences is important to our scientific knowledge.
Voyager 2 is still within the solar system moving in a different direction. At some point, Voyager 2 will also enter interstellar space, where both spacecraft are likely to remain forever. Neither spacecraft will ever get near the 'very edge of space,' whatever that might be.
Charles S. Morris
Astronomer and Educator