Letters to the Editor
September 13, 2012

Frontpage Survey Garners Candidate Responses

Courtesy Rick Neal
As a graduate of Fillmore High, a local business owner, volunteer firefighter and a proud father, I have different insights in how the city operates and provides its services. I know personally what the strengths and charm of this community can do for someone, and this someone has been disappointed for some time.
When I read the results of this survey, I have to say I am not surprised. The City of Fillmore is not being supportive of its own, like it used to. I’ve been feeling this way for quite a while, and I’m learning that I’m not alone. That’s why I decided to run for city council.
We need decision makers who know what it’s like to be a part of the community, to run a business in the city, to have children learning what makes a city great. Without confidence in our elected officials, as this survey tells, and excessive mismanagement, our kids will not be able to achieve any kind of local success here, as I have. They need the opportunity to be capable of giving back.
It’s apparent it’s time for a change.
Rick Neal

Courtesy Douglas Tucker
“Sixty-two percent of Fillmore residents agree that the City Council has done a poor job managing the city budget, according to a new survey out today from Magellan Strategies. I didn’t need it in writing, as I hear this kind of sentiment every day from Fillmore folks while out campaigning. This talk emboldens me in my running for City Council. We deserve better.
I’m an administrator for nursing facilities in the area. I know intimately what it takes to provide services with limited resources, but there is no excuse for how our city leaders of late have turned against the best interest of their constituents, hiring outsiders while cutting city services.
Fillmore residents have become forlorn due to the missteps of the current City Council, and this poll shows it. My vision for Fillmore is one where hardworking families and individuals can enjoy and prosper in this special place, and then retire here with satisfaction – not dejection.”
Douglas Tucker,
Douglas Tucker For City Council 2012

Courtesy Manuel Minjares
I am the type of person that isn’t afraid to take action when faced with adversity or to speak up for those that otherwise would not. The results of the recent poll conducted by Magellan Strategies, show that the majority of Fillmore residents are unhappy with the current system. I am among them.
Instead of sitting idly by and letting the continual disappointments and cuts in civic services affect me and the community negatively, I made the decision to run for City Council. I agree with most of the survey respondents in that the current council members have failed them with regard to balancing a budget, protecting our treasured public areas, and being accountable voices for our diverse constituency.
As a candidate, I agree with the data presented in this survey. As a Fillmore City Council member, proud Fillmore resident, and educated and experienced urban planner, I would work to reverse the numbers and get the City of Fillmore back on track.”