Letters to the Editor
September 11th, 2009

To the Editor:
During the past two weeks the news media has covered the fires in So. California at length. I for one, would feel much more secure if they would focus on, and devote as m time to the fire storm that has been developing in the White House and spreading through Congress. I find it most disconcerting that the major networks are more concerned with the loss of some forest which will replenish itself and the possible loss of some personal property than the loss of our heritage of freedom in America. The smoke clouds rising over our mountains may be blinding and bring some tears to our eyes, but the smoke screen being thrown up by our current administration will be far more devastating should we allow it to continue. ABC, CBS, and CNN, have been ominously silent about the daily occurrences in our Capitol while NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC only report news favorable to the administration.
I have been both surprised and inspired to find that of all the media networks, only Fox News has not been intimidated and is continuing to report documented evidence about the heavy handed tactics being used by the White House to achieve their goals. I urge anyone who has not yet found the Fox News Channel to tune in and be informed about the threats to our freedom before the newly appointed head of the FCC, Julius Genachowski, and Obama’s new diversity chief, Mark Loyd, begin to implement Loyd’s threat to shut down all independent broadcasts which do not reflect the views of the administration. He has made it clear that he believes freedom of speech is overrated and no longer prudent.
When have you been informed by the major networks about Obama’s appointment of over 30 new advisors or heads of agencies which required no background checks or Congressional confirmation. Many of these agency heads like Van Jones, the green labor czar, have admitted anti-American affiliations. When has the media reported on the millions of tax payer dollars given to Acorn or the Apollo Group and used to train Obama’s national police force, or given to the NEA to design new propaganda for the administration to sway public opinion to their side?
Friends and neighbors, we are in trouble and facing the greatest threat to the loss of our GOD and Constitution given liberty, our right to government ‘by the People, for the people’. Although God’s Word tells us to be anxious for nothing, I am extremely concerned by our elected representatives talking publicly about ignoring their sworn oath to defend our Constitution and the Bill of Rights, from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Representatives from both parties, Republican and Socialistic Democrats, are casting votes for Bills before Congress that they have not read. Most have not even addressed the question of whom it was that authored the legislation. I want to know how many were involved in writing over 1400 pages of the Health Care Bill now being disputed in Congress, and clearly being disputed by, and in disfavor with the majority of Americans.
This attitude is only a shadow of things to come if the people do not question the motives and the actions of the administration. When we think back and visualize the miles of white crosses in Europe, in Korea, in Vietnam, and across the landscape of America, we see lives sacrificed for our freedom from Nazis, Fascists, Communists, Socialists, and most recently Islamic radicals. Now our president has brought into the seat of government many of these same radical extremists as advisors to help him implement and communicate the agenda he is promoting. This agenda will lead to removal of our Constitutional rights. This attempt to overthrow our system of government has roots that reach far deeper than are immediately obvious. Obama, as an accomplished orator is only the one chosen to carry the banner of change.
Because we as a nation have withstood the outside threats to our “One Nation- Under God”, the ACLU has been working to undermine and destroy our laws and liberty from within our borders. The only ‘civil liberties’ the ACLU attempts to represent are those of the perpetrators of injustice and disobedience against our laws. Those who are victims of crime are ignored and left to search for justice on their own.
A glance at the rows of crosses should convince anyone that Freedom is not Free. Americans must stand up and voice their objections and if necessary, and I believe it is, remove those who we have elected and start fresh with those who will honor the oath of allegiance to America.
An Irish statesman who served in the British Parliament, Sir Edmund Burke, has been quoted many times as saying, “All that is required for evil to triumph, is for good men to nothing”.
I will close by adding another lesser known quote also attributed to the same author.
“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only little”.
Whatever you do in response to this letter, DO SOMETHING, and pray for protection for those voicing the truth, that they are protected, such as Glen Beck.