Letters to the Editor
September 1, 2021

To the Editor:
Second Opinion: Part I Dave's Manifesto. September 1, 2021.
...if you were gay until your shoved it down my throat. I trust that no one is literally doing any such thing. Do you really mean that you have had experiences where some display of non-heterosexual behavior offended you? Was it not possible to move on and enjoy your day? Ultra-femme behavior in men, or women for that matter, was uncomfortable for me. But I hope I have learned to stop being a ninny and just enjoy the person. Or move on.
...about your skin color until you blamed me for your problems. Who is to blame for the injustices and denial of rights to black people, and others, under the law? Perhaps those who think that, while regrettable, it is no reason to raise a protest. Or those who resent the study of how discrimination has affected our laws? Or those who are so afraid of the issue that they are willing to legislate against actual history? (ID, IA, TX, OK, TN) and 14 more state with upcoming bills?
...about the political affiliation of others until you condemned me for mine. Same here. But liberals did not initiate demonization of the opposing political party. Rush Limbaugh and his successor minions created it. Over the last 20 years, liberals became anti-American, evil, and determined to destroy the country and are, miraculously, both inept and genius at doing it. Republican personal virtue did not become a major issue until the events of January 6, 2021, a direct attack on democracy. Following which the lies, the revisionist history, subservience to one troubled and needy politician, the ravenous appetite for conspiracy theories and lurid assertions that would make Machiavelli blush, made it a huge challenge to respect that political party.
...where you came from in this great country until you condemned people for their history and heritage. If you are speaking of the removal of the southern war statues, I would think the South would not want to be reminded of the bloodiest encounter this country has ever experienced, which it fought to maintain the enslavement of one-third of its population in over ten generations of captivity. The South is only complicit in the Battle for the Confederacy if they represent it as a Glorious Lost Cause, which the statues do. There were brave men and women on the side of the South (John's maternal ancestors fought for the Confederacy), but they made a critically wrong choice which resulted in a massive national tragedy. No need to vilify them now, but so many brilliant and accomplished people hail from the South. Why not glorify them?
...if your beliefs differed from mine until you told me mine were wrong. Being told your beliefs are "wrong," and being persecuted for them, are two different things. Since you brought it up, it depends upon your beliefs. If you believe that man's use of fossil fuels has had no effect on the Climate Crisis, that COVID bis a hoax, that the universe was created in six 24-hour earth days, or that Jesus rode a dinosaur then, yes, you beliefs are objectively wrong. Good news! If they don't hurt anyone else, are not immoral or illegal, you are entitled to these beliefs but should probably avoid career choices in earth sciences and astrophysics. Faith or religious belief do not require reason or proof. People believe in things because they choose to, and every religion has its own inventory. Confidently enjoy your personal beliefs, but do not permit, as a believer or non-believer, persecution of others for theirs.
...how you felt about guns until you tried to take mine away. I am unaware of any existing or past governmental move to take away all guns. As a private citizen, my view of the Second Amendment is likely not to mirror yours.
Kelly Scoles,


To the Editor:
Ms. Scoles, you are wrong, very, very wrong.
Trump did enter into a peace deal with the Taliban which had many conditions, one of which was that the Taliban was to enter into an agreement with Afghanistan, which never occurred. The lack of an Intra-Afghan peace agreement nullified the Trump agreement.
The pull-out of the US from Afghanistan, which is a catastrophic failure, rests solely on your favorite Demolitioncrat, Biden. Who, by the way, said “we’re gonna stay to get them all out.”
And as Biden stated today, that did not happen. He didn’t even push for the removal of the man who saved his life in 2008, Mohammad. He was left behind because the State Department would not approve the removal of his wife and children.
And 56 days prior to the “end of the war”, Biden ordered US forces to leave Bagram Airfield on July 5, leaving behind usable Black Hawks, guns, ammo, vehicles, airplanes and more. It’s said the helicopters and planes will become unusable due to the lack of training and spare parts. But with the Taliban meeting with China’s Foreign Minister Yi, I’m sure they can help.
On July 8 Biden said “I trust the capacity of the Afghan military, who is better trained, better equipped, and ... more competent in terms of conducting war.” That was the reason the equipment was left.
Now they are saying the equipment is unusable. So why leave it?
The only truth Biden has stated is his admission he didn’t trust the Taliban.
Patti Walker,