Letters to the Editor
September 1, 2011

To the Editor, City Council, and Fillmore Residents:
My wife and I are new to the area, me "retired" from 30 years Teaching and Counseling in Northern California. We are enjoying our new community of Fillmore, finding most people friendly, welcoming, gracious, and helpful.
However, traffic can be maddening, with the speeds of cars/trucks quite disconcerting, even downright scary. But more puzzling and irritating is seeing the number of trucks/trailers parked on the highway and side streets (residential), sometimes for many days. Apparently, local ordinances are not enforced or just ignored altogether.
For me, this has created a visual blight on this lovely town. Can someone explain why Fillmore tolerates this? Perhaps truckers buy enough "Quarter Pounders" from McDonalds to keep this small community afloat? Have city officials considered having a truckers' park somewhere locally, charging a small fee for overnight parking?
Fillmore doesn't have to look like an industrial park. Neighboring Ventura has certainly taken a firm stance against this unsightly (scofflaw?) behavior. Any thoughts or comments?
Christopher Hoy