Letters to the Editor
October 7th, 2010

To the Editor:
I am endorsing Mark Austin for Fillmore Unified School District Board of Trustees. Mark is a long standing resident of the Fillmore community. He currently serves on the city Planning Commission and has served as Chair and or Commission for the last 11 years. He listens to input from all parties, he puts in the time to understand complex issues and votes so that best interests might prevail.
Mark is passionate about education and giving our kids the best opportunity to succeed in life. Mark’s fresh perspective and influence will be an asset to the Board and the workings of the Fillmore Unified School District. I am supporting Mark and hope that you’ll do the same.
Steve Conaway

To the Editor:
I am voting for Brian Sipes for city council because I think he will do a great job for our city and the residents. He has nothing but the best interest of our city in mind. Brian has attended every city council meeting for the last 7 years. Prior to the meetings, he gets the agenda and does his own research on items. Brian brings his research and any useful information with him to the meetings and interacts with the council. Brian fought against the new sewer plant. No other candidate, other than Mayor Walker, has fought hard to protect our financial resources.
Brian grew up in Fillmore and also is a co-owner of a small business. He's been a board member of Fillmore Chamber of Commerce. He has been a financial supporter of the Boys & Girls club as well as the Fillmore Senior Center. He has been a volunteer for Relay for Life also.
I am happy to call Brian my friend and would be fortunate to call him city councilman.
Christine Parrish
Fillmore Resident

To the Editor:
Re: Next month's election for City Council
I hope over the next month every citizen will think about the issues for business owners and citizens concerning Fillmore at the present time. There is only one candidate with enough knowledge and concern to fill an empty council seat and that's Brian Sipes.
Over the last few years Brian has attended more council meetings than any other council member or candidate. He has taken time off work to attend every seminar that has been mentioned at council meetings.
Brian thinks for himself, he is not a follower. He has voiced his opinion on all important issues and how they would affect the citizens good or bad and he has disagreed with each council member on items that affects Fillmore at one time or another.
The City of Fillmore owns nothing and we are in debt for the next 40 years for our expensive sewer plant, which Brian was against spending $83million dollars and he voiced his opinion.
Brian knows how hard times are on family owned business' and how hard times are on families trying to pay their bills and keep their family in their homes. So as far as I am concerned there is only one candidate that is actually for the Business People and the Citizens of Fillmore and that's Brian Sipes.
I know Brian is always available to anyone who wants to call him with questions. He always gives honest and truthful answers.
Donna Miller
Long time Fillmore Resident

To the Editor:
In regards to Dan Mathews letter last week, I think another opinion should be sent out.
First off, who are you? I’ve never seen you write a letter to the editor before or have seen you at council meetings. Because you went to a meeting and spoke you are an expert at city administration? I know from my considerable experience (I have attended most meetings since mid 2007) I can’t see a reason to criticize Patti, Gayle or Jamie. They have done their best to stay within budget in spite of Steve Conaway getting our sales tax revenue frozen.
The citizens CAN tune out the council easily if they wish, just don’t come to meetings or watch on TV.
Making fun of Gayle and Brian is just childish, like some of the editorials. You can’t even come up with an issue to write about, just slamming people you don’t know.
Brian Sipes makes no sense shows that you were not listening carefully. You don’t like it when he presents facts that go against your beliefs.
So Dan, you have nothing factual to say. My advice to you is to say home and be quiet.
Dave Roegner