Letters to the Editor
October 5, 2023

To the Editor:

Three hours before the Congressional Budget deadline, a Continuing Resolution (CR) was adopted by the House, shortly thereafter by the Senate, and signed by President Biden one hour before the cutoff date, thereby averting a drastic government shutdown which had appeared imminent. It will fund the government at 2023 levels for 45 days without drastic spending cuts, but without Republican commitment to Ukraine funding as the Democrats wanted.
It’s not that the Freedom Caucus (HRFC) came to its senses and, holding their noses, did what was good for the country and her citizens. The CR passed only because 209 Democrats performed olfactory defense and, with 126 Republicans, voted to not make the country suffer because far-right Republicans want chaos.

The House was called to order with just over an hour to review the CR and, given Democratic inability to trust McCarthy because he has already reneged on his agreement with President Biden on the debt ceiling figure, did what they could to give themselves time to consider the implications of the CR language.

Speaker McCarthy appeared on CBS News Sunday and blamed Democrats for the delay in voting on the CR, whining that they engaged in some political opposition maneuvering before they voted for the CR. The interviewer laughed out loud. The Speaker conceded that, though Democrats were the ones who voted for the CR to save it, they were responsible for making it difficult for him to look in command. That’s the way to get Democrats to support you for Speaker, dunderhead, just keep bonkin’ yourself on the noggin. Though, imagine if the Republicans cannot get rid of McCarthy because the Democrats won’t let them.
“Even when we’ve had [previous] shutdowns, the issue has never [before] been trust,” said Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO. With good reason, the Democrats do not trust the HRFC or McCarthy. But then, the House Republicans don’t trust each other, either.

“Democrats felt disrespected, the far-right felt betrayed.” Rep. Matt Gaetz vowed to bring a motion to vacate the Speakership this week. CNN’s Jake Tapper warned that, to succeed in vacating McCarthy, “you will have to make a deal with the Democrats.” “Absolutely,” Gaetz agreed. “I will make no deal with Democrats and concede no terms to them. I actually think Democrats should vote against Speaker McCarthy for free.” Two dunderheads.

Such is the HRFC’s logic, political acumen, and interest in the needs of the country. Their only principles are chaos, personal gain, and owning the libs and moderate House Republicans.

Kelly Scoles,
Fillmore, Ca.