Letters to the Editor
October 27, 2022

To the Editor:
About this one thing you are consistently correct, Martin: it is impossible to have a real discussion when one person either does not know or will not accept facts. My LTTE last week was not about what I think are facts, or even my opinion. I simply listed some of the most revelatory evidence disclosed in the January 6 House Bi-partisan Committee hearings. The facts almost exclusively were provided by Republican witnesses.
The definition of “insurrection” is “an act or instance of rising in revolt, rebellion, or resistance against an established government.” What do you call the violent attack on the capitol on Jan6 instigated by a president to reverse his loss in a valid election?
As a diversion, you draw a false equivalency between BLM and Jan 6. The crucial difference is that BLM was not trying to overthrow our government. The assault on the capitol was an attempt to prevent the certification of a national election and came dangerously close at the hands of people for whom it is “their way or the highway.”
Since then, Trump Republicans have intimidated and threatened elections workers and defiantly proclaimed that they will deny the results of any future election which they lose. So much for Trump’s GOP defending democracy.
If one can overlook or ignore the Committee’s evidence including shocking videos of the Jan 6 sedition, Trump admitting on more than one occasion that he had, in fact, lost the 2020 election, it isn’t too strenuous for some to also pretend that the Trump GOP will make America great again.
Since you like to change the subject, if you want to know what the Trumpian Republican Party really has planned for you, Google Sen. Rick Scott’s (R-FL) “11-Point Plan to Rescue America.” Sen. Rick Scott Lays Out 11-Point Plan To ‘Rescue America’ | The Daily Caller Speaker McCarthy was angry that Scott published the document. It sounds innocuous until you understand what it really means. It plans to cut Social Security, eliminate Medicare, make a women’s right to choose illegal nationally, curtail female birth control options, end LGBTQ rights including marriage, refashion historical reality, and empower state legislatures with the right to dictate national election results in their states. Republicans call it “Freedom.”
Kelly Scoles,


To the Editor:
Ms. Scoles wants to anguish over J6. Her letters fixate on the Bi-partisan (sic) House Select Committee televised show trial. She fails to represent to the readers that the Democrats are in full control of the outcome. Of the 13 members only two, Cheney and Kitzinger, are Republican. They say this isn’t a trial, yet they bring hearsay testimony and visuals they massage and edit into a specific conclusion. To be a true believer that J6 was an insurrection, the Committee should show and release all the videos compiled from that day for the public viewing.
Kelly resorts to pointing to the FBI. Obviously, she failed to hear the extent of their corruption and abuses these past six years that has been laid open for all to see. Now the FBI wants to lay the groundwork for the 2022 mid-term elections open to cyber threats from China and Russia. Is this so they can cry foul when they lose?
When I queried her to outline why anyone should vote Democrat, she was silent.
These many months I have written about issues I have an opinion on relating to the state of America. I’ve written on Biden’s decisions regarding Afghanistan. Unduly regulating oil and gas production. Quashing oil and gas production. Failure to follow the rule of law relating to student debt payouts and infringing on peoples’ property rights, and others, causing the use of taxpayer dollars to cover the costs to litigate when they knew they’d lose. COVID-19 issues. Forcing an experimental drug into the youth and working class. And of course, the border crisis.
And as I write this, I am also very concerned with the state of California. The federal government found that due to the inept state government, our political and regulatory policies, were what brought about the disastrous wildfires. We all know we have the 2nd highest gas tax and EV cars pay a higher DMV fee to offset the gas tax. We’re number 38 in the nation for education and our teachers are among the highest paid. California used federal COVID-19 payments to bail out its fiscal mismanagement. Our credit/bond rating is the lowest in the nation. Unfunded pension liabilities are through the roof, and we’re taxed so their retirements remain whole. We have one of the highest sales tax rates. The elected have failed to deal with the infrastructure deficit. Thirty percent of our population receives financial assistance. You won’t be able to purchase a new gas-powered vehicle in 2025. Requirement to be fossil fuel free by 2035, yet we have across the state power outages. Doctors are targeted if it’s determined an appointed committee finds they are providing “misinformation” relating to COVID. The list truly is much longer.
J6. J6. J6. Roe v Wade. Roe v Wade. Roe v Wade.
Like Kelly, the Democrats only have these two things on their minds. (Kelly also likes to fixate on Trump). Yet, as I walked down the grocery aisles this past week, looking at the price of eggs, meat, etc., neither of these things were on my mind. Neither are they on the minds of my family members, friends or neighbors.
Please, vote wisely.
Patti Walker