Letters to the Editor
October 26, 2017

To the Editor:
If you buy local picture postcards, you will find evidence of what Roger Campbell accomplished here! As our Mayor, Roger was a visionary. He: looked ahead, planned, listened, brought about consensus, and built memories. He also prepared for the worst. Such was the case when this city’s leaders and volunteers trained for what to do when an earthquake hit - three weeks before the 1994 quake left our businesses’ bricks all over Central Avenue and took hundreds of houses off their foundations. Just after my family made it safely outside, we heard Roger on a police scanner asking how things looked on our very street! That was so reassuring. Even with the eastern sky full of fire. I knew that my neighbors and we were not forgotten! Fillmore showed bigger cities how disasters were supposed to be handled! Then, Roger and the City Council brought good out of bad by building our much-needed new city hall.
When this man represented Fillmore on a county or statewide level, I was confident that he would be heard and respected. He made issues easy for reporters to write about and for citizens to understand. Roger Campbell was ready, willing, and able to lead on a bigger scale. Yet he continued to serve this town in many ways — most behind the scenes — mentoring new leaders for one. I will always be grateful to the Campbell family for all they have given Fillmore. Roger will be missed.
Stephenie Thomas