Letters to the Editor
October 23, 2014

To the Editor:
I’ll be endorsing Lucy Rangel for Fillmore Unified School District Board. Lucy has given a lifetime of service to Fillmore as an elementary school teacher. She has served on the School Board for one term, under less than optimal conditions. With the recent hiring of the new Superintendent and with new leadership I believe a second term in office is warranted for Lucy. She has intuitional knowledge which will now be valued; she has spent her life’s work educating kids. She truly cares about Fillmore Unified School District. For these reasons and others, she will get my vote and support.
Steve Conaway

To the Editor:
Dear Fillmore / Piru Citizens,
I would like to take this opportunity to make it known that the Carrillo and Bobby McLain families wholeheartedly endorse Lucy Rangel for FUSD Board of Education, and hope you will as well.
Throughout the last four years I have personally witnessed Lucy fight relentlessly for our kids. She has proven that her main concern is, and will continue to be, what is best for the students of FUSD.
Despite the many laws and regulations she must adhere to, Lucy never takes the easy way out. Although she is only one vote of the many on the board, I have watched her continually fight to make sure every voice and concern is heard.
My dad, Hank Carrillo, served proudly on the FUSD Board of Education for eighteen years and Lucy emanates the same integrity and moral character that he did serving our schools. I know if he were here he would be writing this letter himself.
Lucy is a woman who loves this community and our schools and we would be lucky to have her on our School Board for the next four years.
Lori McLain

To the Editor and the General Public:
Recent publications and social networking have been disappointing to many; thus, I have been encouraged by individuals who know me to respond and clarify what I am about. I have no intention of bashing or comparing myself to other candidates. My focus is on communicating what I am about. It is unfortunate that some have decided to judge my performance as a board member without taking the time to actually attend meetings to know what I stand for.
My passion for providing the best education for our children has never left me. If reelected to serve a second term, I will continue to advocate for our children and grandchildren. I have spent a lifetime working hard to improve the education we provide through our public schools, a place where my entire family has received an excellent education. My focus will not change; and I will continue on the path to best serve the children attending our local schools.
Thank you to those who have supported me in the past when we have faced difficult times, to those who speak out on passionate subjects and point out things we can improve on, and finally, to those who support moving forward to make FUSD a place we can all be proud of.
In closing I want my community to understand that I do listen and I do care. I hope that those of you who know me will remember what I stand for, and what I have fought for. I have worked hard for what is best for our students and staff; and I have personally struggled with past decisions as I am only one vote. My values and beliefs have not changed because I hold a seat on the Board. I have been optimistic about Fillmore’s future once our board finally reached majority decisions to make positive changes and move forward.
Thank you and I hope to be able to continue to serve the most important piece of our future, our children.
Lucy Rangel, Board Member

To the Editor,
Good morning Fillmore,
The fall has come and now we the neighbors get a break from all the disruptions that the Chevron superfund site throws at us. As you may have read in the V.C. star it’s all cleaned up and things are great! Yah right. Well now the big issue is what to do with this superfund site. After talking with many people I have learned many things. Chevron is not forth coming in there information many times, EPA with holds some information, some council members ignore your meeting request or are willing to bully you into there way of thinking , government officials know what is going on but have little to help and some people really think this is a good idea.
Why do I care what Chevron does on their property. First as a resident adjacent (about 300 ft) to the property I would like not to have building for the next 20 years behind me, yes it may take them up to 20 years to complete according to the specific plan. I do not want a bike path that leads form their site on to 3rd St which is currently a dead end street, I do not want buildings up to 60 feet tall looking over me into my neighbors house and, I do not want Fillmore to be known as a community with a superfund site who thinks the risk of people working on the site to get more money for our community is more important than the health of those workers or the health of the community. I do not want Fillmore to go into this plan knowing( and they do) there may be legal problems later and hoping that our one attorney will be able to match Chevrons Law firm I’m guessing they have some where in law suits that could cost our community money we could use for the residents of this community. The list could go on and on but I will spare you my boring opinions. Now I am wondering what you want.
The date for the Scoping meeting and Notice of Preparation is currently set for November 18th in the senior center at 6p.m.(subject to change) This is where Chevron will tell the community there plans and the council and planning commission my or may not be present. It is a meeting that you the community may let Chevron know what you think of their plan. I am told there will be other opportunities for the community to do this as well. I hope if you have an opinion on this you will come to the meeting or you can take a flash drive to the planning department ant time you want and have them down load you the specific plan submitted. It is very interesting to read and see what has not been discussed with neighbors and their opinions or concerns on some of the plans ideas.
The remediation and redevelopment meeting for this month has been changed to Monday October 27th 5:30 @ senior center.
Thank you again for your time,
Kathy Pace