Letters to the Editor
October 21st, 2010

To the Editor:
On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Fillmore Historical Museum, I would like to thank Martin Farrell, Publisher of the Fillmore Gazette for his consistent support of the Museum. We would especially like to thank him for his donation of a weekly copy of the newspaper so that our collection of information and news of Fillmore and its surrounding communities can be as complete as possible.
Our mission is to collect and safeguard the historical stories and artifacts that relate to the Fillmore, Sespe, Bardsdale, and Piru communities and display this information in a manner that is historically correct and interesting.
We invite the members of our communities to visit the museum. Our Hours are Tuesday through Friday from 9-12 and 1-4 and most Saturdays from 10- 3. Our office is in the Rancho Sespe bunkhouse at 340 Main St., Fillmore.
Martha Gentry
President of the Board of Directors

To the Editor:
Hello, my name is Diane McCall, I am a Fillmore resident and six year member of the Planning Commission. I write this letter in support of Mark Austin, a candidate for Fillmore School Board.
I have had the pleasure of working with Mark on Planning Commission and our body has been faced with many difficult and sometimes publicly controversial projects. Mark continually demonstrated the highest level of integrity and standards in bringing forth quality projects to the City. Mark Austin carefully prepared for meetings by offering sound advice and insight into all projects brought before the commission.
In working with Mark Austin these past years, I have observed him utilizing his decision making powers to the highest possible standards. I have no doubt that Mark Austin would bring this same integrity and discernment to the Fillmore School Board.
As parent of a Fillmore High School student, and considering the current economic climate and budget constraints facing our nation and our school district, it is imperative to elect strong leadership. But that leadership shouldn’t be afraid to break away from tradition if necessary, to create better performing schools, higher test scores and more productive students. I believe Mark Austin is the right person and possesses the drive required to face the challenges within our district.
Fillmore School Board needs strong leadership and Mark has the foresight and tenacity to bring a positive environment for both our district and our students. I sincerely hope you will join me in voting Mark Austin for Fillmore School Board.
Diane McCall

To the Editor:
I am asking you to vote for Patti Walker and Brian Sipes. It is important to have hardworking, honest and dedicated people on the Council. They will look out for the citizens of Fillmore. I have been seated at the dais for two years and I have observed the dedication and professionalism that Patti consistently exhibits. While you will read and hear a lot of politically motivated negative talk, there is a lot that you don’t hear about. Under Patti’s leadership we saved MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars and brought new transparency to the public. In January 2009, a proposal to buy land in the river bed under the 126 bridge for nearly $7 million was presented. The owners were the same individuals that prior City Council paid $225,000 per acre for the sewer plant. The rationale was to have the ability to remove sediment for flood control. Mayor Walker, I, and Councilman Brooks voted “NO”. This was Ventura County’s responsibility and the cost to the taxpayers was unreasonable. In March 2010, the Business Park developers wanted the City to apply for a $4.9 million loan from the IBank using the General Fund as collateral. In addition, they wanted a direct loan from the City of another $2.9 million. Again, Mayor Walker, I, and Councilman Brooks voted “NO”. The developers came back the next meeting and said they didn’t really need the money anyway. These are just a few examples. With many difficult decisions, time after time I have seen Patti put aside her personal feelings and do the right thing for the community. That takes integrity.
Gayle Washburn
Mayor ProTem