Letters to the Editor
October 19, 2023

Letter From Safegaurd Fillmore

As members of Safeguard Fillmore, we are appalled that a resident of Fillmore is involved in a serious disregard for our small town by filing a lawsuit against our town concerning At Large voting. Yes, that is the thought we have. What??? This resident of Fillmore must have been “hoodwinked” or taken off guard by a payoff as to involve themselves with “ambulance chasing” attorneys and law firms. At the Fillmore City Council meeting on Oct. 10 our Council voted to transition from At-Large to District-Based elections. Why? Because Jason Dominguez, Attorney representing a “Fillmore Resident,” filed a suit against Fillmore due to the unnamed “Fillmore Resident” claiming to be underrepresented in the City Council. The claim cites the California Voting Rights Act gives this person the right to sue our city because “they” claim to be a member of a protected class and registered voter. Hmmm. Which protected class is the “Fillmore Resident” referring to? For more information about this atrocity please come to the Public Hearings being held at Fillmore City Hall on Oct. 24, Oct. 26, Nov. 14, and Nov. 28. Come to one or all of these meetings to find out how much money is being sucked out of our hard earned tax dollars and funding for our city. It is more than you think for no benefits for anyone in our small town. Oops, the only benefit is for that law firm, and possibly the “Fillmore Resident” claiming to be in a protected class and misrepresented on our Council.

Just a last question - Who is this unnamed “Fillmore Resident?” Let’s find out. Stand up “Fillmore Resident,” tell us all why you are participating in this “money grab.” If you are truly misrepresented we need to hear about it so we all can possibly solve any problems which may plague our city.

Safeguard Fillmore Member