Letters to the Editor
October 19, 2017

To the Editor:
I have a theory as to why Paddick decided to kill country music fans at the concert outside the Mandalay Bay Hotel on 12/1/17.
But first your reporters need to look at how Paddick voted in the last general election. IF he voted for Clinton or Sanders (which he probably did) then he like thousands of other voters did, made him very angry.
Millions of Clinton and Sander's voters have never since the November, 2017 election, accepted the fact the President Trump won. The legions of NO TRUMP VOTERS have been angry since the results of that election gave Mr. Trump the office of the President of the United States.
Paddick is one of those VERY ANGRY VOTERS and could not nor would not accept that President won! So Paddick decided to do something about it!
What better place than a country music event where Country Artist were preforming and Country Music Fans were in attendance to rain down this terrible horror. It's pretty well known that Country artist and fans are conservative, flag waving, pro-life, and USA loving. Probably everything Paddick was against!
So he takes out his anger on this Country Music loving crow, kills 59 and wounds close to 500 fans.
Then he kills himself. How about checking into Paddock's voting record. I shared my theory with one of your reports a couple days ago and also shared it with the FBI office in Las Vegas. Didn't get a response. Thank you.
Charles Richardson