Letters to the Editor
October 16, 2014

To the Editor:
Fillmore Voters, The School Administration has changed and so too must the existing Board. The three incumbents (though Prado doesn't want to admit he is an incumbent) have done a lousy job.
The test scores at just about every grade level are among the lowest (if not the lowest) in Ventura County and have been for a long time. Whose fault is that? It's said that you can't fire the "team" but you can sure fire the "coaches". And these three incumbents running for re-election must go.
Sean Morris, Michael Saviers and Scott Beylik represent the new "blood" and this school district Board sure needs that!
Remember too, the three incumbents (including Prado) didn't do a "darn thing" when Fillmore High English teacher, Ms. Fitzpatrick, decided in class to teach her students that stepping on the American Flag was an OK thing to do. Disgraceful doesn't begin to say how disrespectful this "lesson" was.
All 5 members, including those 3 incumbents, wanting us to re-elect them, didn't do a thing. When I spoke before them they just sat there "like bumps on a log". Yep, their time is up, they have got to go!
Yes, it really is a time for a change! Morris, Saviers and Beylik have my vote and I hope your vote too.
Charles Richardson
Fillmore voter

To the Editor:
Vote Carrie Broggie for City Council! When Carrie moved to Fillmore 4 years ago, she didn’t just move to Fillmore, no, she jumped right in, head first! She had a strong desire to get involved in her new community. She secured a position on the Film Commission, one she currently holds today as the Chairperson.
Vote Carrie Broggie for City Council! I support Carrie’s goals for Fillmore: attract more businesses; establish a relationship between the City and the School District; provide opportunities for our youth; economic recovery and, most important, public safety.
Vote Carrie Broggie for City Council! Carrie has 20 plus years working at the local county level of government. She has the knowledge of how things run and the experience of how to get things done. She can successfully maneuver her way thru government regulations.
One of the freedoms of our great country is the freedom to vote. Whether it’s absentee or at your precinct, please, join me and vote! Vote Carrie Broggie for City Council!
Sheila (McKendry) Duckett
Life-long Fillmore resident