Letters to the Editor
October 1, 2015

To the Editor:
My name is Theresa Robledo a resident and citizen of Fillmore, and a Broker / Owner of Diamond Realty across the street from City Hall.
I am opposed to Pre-Sale Home Inspection and/or Humane Living Standards Inspection for the following reason:
Just like attorneys have attorney/client privilege, us brokers/Realtors® have Fiduciary Duties to our principals.
Fiduciary duties include, among others, loyalty; confidentiality; the exercise of utmost care (and in certain fact situations, reasonable care); full and complete disclosure of all material facts; the obligation to account to the principal; the obligation to act fairly and honestly and without fraud or deceit; and the duty to "explain" and "counsel" about that which has been disclosed or should have been disclosed thereby permitting the principal to make an informed and considered decision to buy, sell, lease, exchange, borrow or lend.
And for this reason, I am opposed to the Presale Home Inspection and/or Humane Living Standards Inspection imposed by the City of Fillmore. We are not Code Enforcement, nor are we Human Services to make those determinations, but are professionals who assist consumers with selling and purchasing homes.
Should you have any questions for me, I invite them. Thank you for your time.
Theresa M. Robledo
Real Estate Broker/Owner