Letters to the Editor
November 6th, 2008

To the Editor:
Who has the heart to tell 639 AYSO kids that their playing time is over? Why is one sport allowed to play at certain fields and another not given that same opportunity? For those answers one must approach city hall and ask. But for our AYSO children’s sake our town needs to know what is going on. Shields Park has always been the practice ground for our soccer kids. Every year the AYSO president submits our reservation from August through October. In doing so this year he was told that it was too early. After re-submitting according to deadline he was told that Fillmore Raiders requested the field from October 16th on. Apparently the football players needed the lights at night. Prior to needing these last two weeks the football players were practicing at Sespe School and the Little League field. When questioning where our 639 kids were supposed to practice the question of utilizing these fields was brought up only to be quickly turned down as they are off limits to soccer. At mid-season we were asked to cut our practices from two a week to one due to the adult softball games. Now we are told to not have any practice. We understand that somehow the football league requested the time before AYSO even though someone at city hall was well aware of the time we needed as our president requested ahead of time. But this unfairness has to stop. If one sport is allowed to play at certain fields then all sports should be allowed. Discrimination may be a heavy word but the right word in this case. 639 kids are depending on the leaders of this town to provide them with the same equality they have provided for the Football and baseball teams.
Alyssa Calder,
Concerned Parent

To the Editor:
In response to flyer sent to El Dorado Residents Nov -03- 2008
Paid for by (Washburn and Brooks).
You state that (1) each of you are both concerned about the quality of life at El Dorado (thanks for that). Since the rent control movement, our life has been a most disruptive mess & divided the park. Thanks to the anointed Gang.(2) Why your moratorium for us residents. Please cite for us your examples of cities that have stopped owners from converting their parks.(3) If elected and when you are informed, the cost to the City of FILLMORE, If you are both smart you just might do what the old council did and Vote-- NO. Then wait for the words to start. As to who paid you off.???? (4) On your flyer that was sent to us, both of you must think that we here in El Dorado are real naive old folks, if not senile. Just to get our Vote!! To some of us in El Dorado its looks like you're trying to sell us snake oil by the cup. And to think some will buy it by the drum. The photo you used of the mobile home is not at El Dorado. You did not even give us that COURTESY and you want what from us.
Are you both aware what happen in Santa Paula, Their rents are being raised $129.00. And they're on Rent Control.
Raul Torres of El Dorado

To the Editor:
Shame on the supporters of Proposition 8 for placing a plethora of “Yes on 8” campaign signs on public property throughout Fillmore – which, by the way, is illegal. What kind of lessons are you teaching your children?
Cindy Blatt,