Letters to the Editor
November 6, 2019

To the Editor:
In your editorial of October 31, 2019, you ask how a decorated Army Lt. Col. And intelligence officer could respond to a subpoena from the House to answer questions regarding a “perfect” phone call between the president and a foreign leader, Zelenskyy, to which he was an invited listener.
If he had testified that he heard nothing that would amount to a request for foreign assistance in US political matters, you would have been fine with it. But because his truthful answers did compromise the president, to you he is no better than a thief, and had a purpose to “bring him [Trump] down.” Worse, he is in league with the “lying Liberal Left” in their malicious scam in seeking to investigate whether said president violated campaign law, abused his power, and sought and seeks to obstruct the constitutional duty and prerogatives of the House of Representatives.
You assume, and not for the first time, that if an individual of whatever stature does not agree with you and your political and social views, they are liars, operate to undermine the republic, and are in fact guilty of evil intent.
Is it possible, Martin, that you are just wrong? That Lt. Col. Vindman simply told the truth, as one under oath is required to do? Trump has surrounded himself with spineless sycophants and many persons of questionable character and little principle. Half of his cabinet has had to resign for ethics reasons. And when someone of unimpeachable character raises his hand and takes a sacred oath to tell the truth, you choose him to vilify. Amazing.
Kelly Scoles,


To the Editor:
It’s hard to believe I have to write another letter to the editor. I love these kids and I love this town. The school board is not listening to teachers or the community because if they were, we would not still currently be at impasse. I’m tired of speaking at board meetings where the reaction from elected officials is rolled eyes, stiff body language, and inattention. Teachers in this community would not be coming to speak if there wasn’t a real reason for it. We are not attracting or keeping the best teachers in Fillmore. In fact, our teacher of the year last year, Stacia Helmer, left the district this year.
Fillmore doesn’t attract quality new teachers. There are open math positions when almost half the year is over. Why? Because our educators the lowest paid in Ventura County based on percent of the overall budget. This has been said over and over and over. Looking at the data from the last four years we’ve hired 91 new teachers, over half the districts certificated employees, yet 73 have already left with many citing the low pay, long hours, large class sizes, and unsupportive administration. Fillmore must have competitive salaries to keep the great teachers that are left, and attract new ones to fill all of our positions. Our students deserve a qualified teacher in every classroom and not round after round of substitute teachers. Fillmore students deserve the best that we can give them and our leadership must do better.
Jennifer Beal,
31 year FUSD Educator
FUTA bargaining chair