Letters to the Editor
November 5th, 2009

To the Editor:
Fillmore Pool: Reality or is it?
The dream had come to reality! Fillmore once again has a swimming pool! One that not only the High School uses, but also the local Heritage Valley Aquatics; all of who were commuting to Santa Paula for practice. Wow – no more driving to practice. Wow – the kids will have something local to do during the hot summer months. Wow – lap swim for the adults in town. Wow – water aerobics! Wow – swimming lessons. Wow – family night! Wow - employment for the summer months for some very excited people!
Reality has set in. Sorry – the pool is closed for some reconstruction. Sorry - the pool is closed because the chlorine is too high. Sorry - the pool is closed because the chlorine it too low. Sorry - the pool is closed because the heater is malfunctioning. Sorry - the pool is now closed because the pump motor is broken. Sorry – the pool is closed until further notice. Sorry – pool facility is closed – no paycheck for you.
What has to happen for Fillmore to finally become a town that has facilities that can be counted on? None of these issues are a result of the people employed at the pool facility itself. I don’t run it and I don’t have the knowledge of what it takes to keep it in proper functioning condition. I do know (well I am sort-of sure) that everyone has paid their share of the taxes that went toward the building and maintenance of the pool. It was a long and hard fought battle that involved many people. Why isn’t there someone who can properly monitor and maintain it to keep it in working condition?
Don’t let this be another sad Fillmore story with people saying, “What did you expect? It’s Fillmore.”
Heidi Popp

To the Editor:
Dear Editor and citizens of Fillmore,
In regards to the recent letter to the editor, (Oct. 15, 2009) from Marlene Schreffler, we at Fillmore & Western Railway Co. would like to thank Ms. Schreffler for her concern and for bringing this incident to the attention of law enforcement officials and to the citizens of Fillmore. We are very concerned about the safety of pedestrians and motorists along the railway corridor. Safety is our number one concern and priority. Because of the close proximity of the apartment development at the Central Avenue railroad crossing, vision by the locomotive engineer has been severely impaired and has caused us considerable concern for the safety of pedestrians.
The railroad crew that was on the train the day Ms. Schreffler refers to in her letter, reported that they saw children near the tracks, the engineer did “holler” out the window to them to vacate the premises and stay a safe distance, but as the waiting motorists witnessed, at least one of the children did not heed the warning.
Fillmore & Western wants to remind all residents to practice caution around the railroad tracks and crossing, whether there is a train coming or not. If you do see unsafe activity near the railroad at crossings or on the tracks please call 911 and report it. Near Central Avenue and on most crossings, there are posted signs that direct people to stay off the tracks and the railroad right of way.
As the saying goes, “It does take a village to raise a child.” Parents, as witnessed, are not always present when their children need direction. We can all be better neighbors if we watch out for youngsters who might be displaying dangerous behavior around the railroad tracks.
Better that adults find themselves in the uncomfortable position of warning someone else’s child, than that child have a severe injury or even worse, death, because we did not take action to ensure their safety.
We appreciate Ms. Schreffler bringing this important issue to the attention of the citizens of Fillmore and hope that it makes everyone more aware and to take care around railroad tracks and crossings. The Fillmore & Western Railway Co. takes its responsibilities to ensure safety very seriously.
Thank you again, Ms. Schreffler for being a good citizen of Fillmore and a friend of the railroad.
With sincere regards,
Dave Wilkinson and the staff at Fillmore & Western

To the Editor:
I was misrepresented at the school board meeting gathering information about the Piru School Charter Petition. I am the teacher who taught at Piru School, and "He is now teaching at San Cayetano." I was always against Piru School going charter. In discussion after discussion I argued strongly against going charter. When we voted whether or not to even continue gathering information about the possibility of Piru School going charter, I was one of the 2 people who voted no, against. The charter school choice was possible for me. I was strongly opposed to it. Not because it didn't fit for me personally, but because I believe the present Piru Charter School movement is greatly hurting the students and staff of Piru School as well as the entire communities of Piru and Fillmore. I have always been and remain completely against the Piru School Charter movement. I felt extremely uncomfortable being brought up in any other category than that at the school board hearing on October 21.
Bill Raymond
Piru School Teacher For 20 Years