Letters to the Editor
November 4th, 2010

To the Editor:
Jeff Sweeney, our local school district, and Piru families really pulled off a coup. Piru Elementary recently dropped 31 points in its annual API score and teachers promoting the charter school were transferred. You and your supporters, Jeff, have to be smiling. You can't have test scores without someone being last.
Name withheld by request

To the Editor:
When Scott Lee, former councilman and mayor, delivered and read the first letter of discontent from the City of Fillmore employees to the City Council, I wondered why Mr. Lee would put himself in such an obviously dicey situation...especially since he stated he had not read the letter prior to the Council meeting. So, I asked him why. He responded that he had “trust” in the City employees.
When Mr. Lee delivered and read the second letter of discontent at the October 26, 2010 City Council meeting, he stated that the letter was not signed. I wondered why Mr. Lee would read an unsigned letter to the City Council and citizens of Fillmore. So, I asked him why. He responded “you saw how many people were in the audience”. So, I asked another way. I asked if he could verify that the 32 employees who signed the first letter also signed the second letter. He said he did not know, that Roger Campbell had given him the letter.
So, here are a couple more questions. Why didn’t former councilman and mayor Roger Campbell present the letter himself? Who is it that Mr. Lee trusts?
Gloria Hansen