Letters to the Editor
November 3, 2022

To The Editor:
I was disappointed to see that you had recommended a “No” vote on Measure G. Fillmore High needs a new Gymnasium to replace the gym built over 70 years ago which does not meet the present-day requirements for changing and showering in addition to many other factors. We also need to upgrade classrooms. The previous bonds paid for our new industrial arts building which provides an auto repair shop, welding, wood working, computer lab and ag. It is the envy of all school districts with the facilities to train our students for jobs in the future. We need to continue to provide facilities for our young students to have the best tools to succeed in the future. Four generations of my family have gotten a top-notch education a Fillmore High School. I am voting YES on measure G to provide the facilities to continue that tradition.
Bob Morris,


To The Editor:
This election is primarily about three things: inflation, women’s rights, and the future of democracy in this country.
Inflation, unfortunately, is a foreseeable problem following Covid and its economic impacts, and the Russian War. Opportunistic corporate decisions to significantly increase dividends to stockholders, especially of big Pharma and the oil industry, add to the pain. Much of Europe is anticipating a significant shortage in heating fuel and rising energy prices and even starvation in some countries because of the lack of Ukrainian wheat. Our very real challenges are not unique to us.
The Biden administration and congressional Democrats pumped trillions of dollars into the economy with the American Rescue Plan, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and the Inflation Reduction Act. These measures were essential for the immediate economic survival of millions of Americans. Republicans backed none of them. Senate Republicans refused to let Medicare negotiate lower prescription prices.
Women’s rights to control their own reproductive health was overturned and the Constitutional standard of Mississippi was imposed. Many Republicans intend to make it a federal law and many have vowed to prevent the use of contraceptives. A female’s wishes and needs are irrelevant. Even if she was the victim of a rape, incest, or unless she is at the threshold of death.
Sen. Rick Scott’s 11-point plan for Republican control proposes to “sunset” legislation at five years. The GOP has been eager for decades (and denying it) to reduce or eliminate entitlements to the middle class, primarily by reducing Social Security and eliminating Medicare. They have indicated that they will refuse to raise the debt ceiling unless their plan is effectuated. The ensuing catastrophe is almost unimaginable. The inability of the Repo base to recognize that they are voting against their own middle-class interests is astounding.
The violence that self-pitying Trump encourages and that exploded into Jan6, the divorce from democracy it represents, the packing elections 2022 officials with truth deniers and Big Lie advocates, reducing the electorate by falsely claiming extensive fraud which even the Supreme Court has rejected, the fact that Trump regularly denigrates US intentions and power in the world and continually praises ruthless dictators, ought to give everyone pause.
I am not “fixated” on Trump and his attempt to overthrow elections. I am persistent in sounding the alarm.
Kelly Scoles,