Letters to the Editor
November 2nd, 2023

To the Editor:

The selection of Joe Biden has been the biggest failed experiment in political and intelligence community history and thankfully many people are waking up from their mental slumber and seeing this installation for what it is. The one question that remains: will the mass awakening be too late to save the world from implosion?

As it stands powers that control the Biden regime and the US government are responsible for turning future generations into debt slaves, which was something JFK warned Americans about before he was assassinated by a supposed lone gunman. Around $230 million in your tax dollars PER DAY goes to enrich the Ukrainian government and weapons makers with the debt falling at the feet of generations US children, many of which have yet to be born. 10 MILLION illegal immigrants, the majority of which are military aged men, have joined the fire sale of American prosperity during the Biden regime, funded by nefarious globalist groups whose interest have NOTHING to do with what is good for America or its youth. To anyone who thinks that’s racist - take them in and pay for them yourself or shut your mouth. And take the front door off your house and your fence down while you’re at it, hypocrites. Your virtue signaling rings hollow if you don’t take them in yourselves and try to feed some of them.

While many people are beginning to recognize that we are living through a controlled demolition of American interests, there are far too many amongst us that reside in a perpetual mental slumber, devoid of any semblance of intellectual curiosity as their very consciousness has been placated by a modern version of bread and circuses. In other words, not only are we going the way of the once powerful Roman empire, these people have spent too much time in front of the elite controlled TV and have allowed the elites to greatly manipulate what they know and believe. These special citizens have yet to connect the dots between the wealth of multinational corporations and the control of information by multinational news and information conglomerates. These special people have yet to recognize the pattern whereby once sovereign nations are destroyed on purpose so they become essentially owned by a small club of globalist bankers who finance both the rebuilding and the destruction and death of other humans.

Instead, this ever dwindling group of sheeple sits religiously in front of the boob tube with a Pavlovian drool and willingly submits their mindset and intellect to the will and canned narratives of the elite owned media in what is an obviously effective method for herding the consciousness of a certain element of humanity: the ones who can’t think for themselves. Apparently they would rather let a news anchor do the thinking for them, so long as he or she has an acceptable paint job, without ever realizing that the news people are simply there to read words written by someone else on a screen. These special Americans have been tricked into supporting wars that kill the oppressed which is perfectly exemplified with the Iraq war and the weapons of mass destruction lie. They have been fooled into taking a nefariously created Covid vaccine - which is now known to be completely ineffective - at the detriment of their own health to enrich the very people who seek to destroy and impoverish all of us. They were actually fooled into believing that BLM was not a nefarious group greatly funded by subversives such as Soros and company. They somehow believed Donald Trump was racist while at the same time overlooking the numerous documented statements by Joe Biden about his kids living in a racial jungle, or him saying “poor kids are just as smart as white kids”, or his involvement in imprisoning a generation of young black men through his mandatory minimum sentences. In other words, these people don’t have an original thought of their own and find it easier to let complete strangers tell them what to think and believe.

In conclusion and in lieu of the above, it is obvious to an increasing number of Americans that the mainstream media and those that control them are the true weapons of mass destruction in this world. They will not hesitate to use this geriatric out to lunch president as their proxy with the support of the boob tube controlled sheep to embroil this country in never ending drama, while simultaneously attacking the constitution and our individual GOD GIVEN liberties in favor of their stated desire for us to “own nothing and like it”. America is now on the precipice of societal implosion while fighting a world war that would be the end of our country as we know it. My question to you readers is: is your fake news, your football game or your Taylor Swift concert still more important to you than future generations becoming debt slaves and perpetual serfs in order to enrich merchants of death? If so, enjoy the comfort while it lasts because if you thought things were bad now you are going to be surprised with how much worse things are about to get. War is on the way, will you cheer it on as we fight for the borders of other countries as we lose our sovereignty, freedoms and economy? My guess is, if historical president is any indication, that’s exactly what will happen.

Ryan Shiells
Fillmore, Ca