Letters to the Editor
November 22, 2012

To the Editor:
Mr. Ryan Shiells' November 8 letter expressed concern that dust from Chevron’s work at the former Texaco refinery in Fillmore is affecting nearby neighbors. I can assure Mr. Shiells and the community that dust is not drifting off our site and there is no cause for concern. The safety of the community and our site workers is our top priority. We recognize that our site activities can generate dust, so we follow an EPA-approved dust control and air monitoring plan which includes several ways of making sure that dust is contained within the site. For example, water trucks spray water on active work areas to contain the dust. If conditions are too windy, we stop our work until conditions improve. We have nine air monitoring stations that continuously monitor for dust during our field work. No site dust or chemicals have been detected in any of the air samples collected. We have produced a short video that details our dust control program. The video and additional information about the site can be found on our website, http://www.FillmoreWorks.com. And I am available to talk with residents and answer questions about our work at the site. I can be reached by phone at 661-632-1408 or via email through our website.
Leslie Klinchuch
Chevron environmental project manager