Letters to the Editor
November 20, 2019

To the Editor:
I’m still in a glow thinking about what a special time Veterans Day in Fillmore turned out to be. Thanks to the many who were involved in making it all come together so successfully. They should be pleased with the results of their efforts. From the Sespe Car Club who carried Vets in their cars up Central Avenue to the rousing, patriotic music at the Memorial Building, the MC, the speaker, and the Grand Marshall as well as the Lulac Club who honored individual vets with medallions I spoke to many veterans that day and the rest of the week. Without exception, they felt honored and appreciated. Thanks again to everyone who put this together.
Sincerely, Susan M Cuttriss, Fillmore


To the Editor:
The FUTA bargaining team will meet with FUSD on Monday, November 25th for a final mediation session. It is our hope that we will agree to a fair settlment that honors the dedication, commitment and sacrifice of every educator in Fillmore. We will be attempting to reach a Tentative Agreement for 2018-2019 school year. During mediation FUTA will walk away with a Tentative Agreement or we will be released to fact finding. Fact finding will bring Fillmore educators one step closer to a strike. We are prepared to stay as long as it takes. Let’s hope our leadership and school board are committed to settling this fairly and not drag it on any further. For the benefit of being able to move forward together, we must resolve this now.
Tammy Ferguson, FUTA President