Letters to the Editor
November 13th, 2008

To the Editor:
I would like to say thanks to the hardest working campaign team ever and thanks to all of the supporters and volunteers who worked so hard – I could not do it without you. Thanks to all of the voters who cast their vote for me. For those who did not vote for me I hope to earn your support as we work together to face challenges ahead of us.
I also want to thank all of the candidates who participated in this election. It’s not easy being out in the public realm. But anyone who is willing to make the sacrifice in time and energy to try to make their community better deserves a lot of credit.
I am looking forward to fulfilling my duties on the Fillmore City Council and promise to do my best to represent all of the people in Fillmore to the best of my ability.
Gayle Washburn,

To the Editor:
Dear friends and Fillmore voters,
I want to extend my thanks to all of you for your help and confidence during this recent election. We all worked very hard to win the election for myself, Jamie, Gayle plus Measures H&I.
As I have probably told you, I feel that portions of this city’s recent problems are because of the improper implementation of the California Government Code regarding the Office of City Clerk. I campaigned on the platform of establishing this office in Fillmore as an independent governing entity as defined in the code. And I want to again promise you that I will faithfully fulfill that promise.
Thank you again
Clay Westling,
Fillmore City Clerk - Elect

To the Editor:
Gallegly thanks the voters
It is an honor to serve the people of Ventura and Santa Barbara counties in Washington, DC, and I want to thank the voters for your support again this week.
As a nation, we face challenges today unlike any we’ve faced in many decades. But the United States has faced great challenges before and we have always prevailed. There is much work ahead. I have no doubt that if we keep our eyes on the goal of peace and prosperity we will reach that goal.
Rebuilding our economy and winning the war against terrorism are not partisan issues, they are American issues. There is new leadership in the nation’s capital and they will find, as past leaders have, that leading is not easy. I have a record, as both a part of the majority and minority, of working in a bipartisan effort with my colleagues. I will continue to do so as we tackle the tasks ahead.
I have never taken your support lightly over the past 22 years and I never will. I pledge to continue to serve with commitment and dedication. Should you have any questions or concerns about any federal issue, please don’t hesitate to contact my office in Thousand Oaks, Solvang, or Washington, DC.
Member of Congress

To the Editor:
As Mr. Martin Farrell took his last opportunity to endorse particular Measures before Election Day, he truly hit a home run! For the faithful supporters of Propositions 8 and 4 it was a breath of fresh air in the sea of media bashing of our cause. While all was not won in the election, you won our hearts by speaking up against the tide of media opinion against traditional values and candidates. While we are grateful that Proposition 8 passed successfully, we fully recognize that a large percentage of our population misunderstands our cause and the issue, which has nothing to do with rights or tolerance. A key issue that is missed by those who loudly proclaim that this is an issue of civil rights and that separation of church and state means that moral issues are not applicable miss the true meaning behind the founding of this great nation, "One Nation Under God". Separation of Church and State does not mean abandonment of God or those principals that underpin our constitution and nation. Tolerance that undermines basic and core values is not tolerance, but weakness! We must all recognize the task ahead to share with others those core issues of such importance so that we never again face such a challenge as we did with the passing of Proposition 8. We will move forward from the results of this election thankful that we all have the opportunity to express our vote in the governance of this Nation. Thanks again for speaking up for what is right!
David Starr,

To the Editor:
Thankfully the election is finally over. I think that the outcome of the City election was the result of many things but most importantly it was the candidates and the issues. We were fortunate to have had so many who were willing to participate at that level.
We cannot overlook the good reporting of the Gazette and Martin Farrell who brought to our attention the problems that would be created by the North Fillmore Plan; Martin, credit to you for being the spark that ignited the movement behind Measures H and I.
It seems one of our citizens was cited for removing some Proposition 8 signs; I would have been proud to have had my picture along side his if his story is true. I saw a “Yes on Prop 8” sign illegally placed in the middle of Central Ave. near City Hall. I should have removed it from our property but I didn’t take the time, shame on me.
One last thought, Mr. Farrell, the previous two presidential elections you told us that we should vote for G.W. Bush – big mistake. This time we decided to try something different and vote for the candidate you didn’t support. Of course, Obama’s presidency will be judged by whether or not he can fix everything that G.W. broke. A daunting task but we can hope.
Bob Stroh,

To the Editor:
Re: Cindy Blatt's November 6th. letter
A plethora of "Yes on 8" signs in and around Fillmore is based on an Article in the United States Constitution, known as The First Amendment, which guarantees the right of free speech, Fillmore included . Unfortunately, some in Fillmore believe free speech does not apply to ideas that they disagree with. Around 100 "Yes on 8" signs were stolen from front yards of Fillmore residences, mine included. According to newspaper accounts two individual Fillmore residents, including a former Mayor of Fillmore, were arrested or cited by Fillmore police for stealing "Yes on 8" signs. I don't know on any "No on 8" signs that were stolen but I do know that "No on 8" supporters were protesting in front of a polling place, (very illegal) and police were called and responded. Could that form of free speech be more acceptable to Ms. Blatt's standards of expression?
Tom Montali,

To the Editor:
The youth organizations of Fillmore have teamed together to find a solution with the school board regarding the use of the school fields for practicing. There are four youth sports that play throughout the year that require fields to practice on. If you think about how much public space is out there in our town, you know that it is not very much. Currently we all pay fees to the school district for the use of school fields to help keep them maintained. Since fees will increase for 2009 all youth organizations have been forced to raise registration fees to cover field use cost. Until the new 22 acre park is built we are going to continue to have this problem. We are asking parents and residents of Fillmore to help us go to speak to the school board and ask them not to raise field fees, so we do not have to raise registration fees. All around Ventura County, Fillmore is the least expensive for youth sports and we would like to keep in that way. The success of our youth sports continues to grown. Our mission is to keep our youth occupied and keep them off the streets. If we are forced to raise our registration fee, then some families may not be able to afford it, and that defeats our purpose. It is not our intention to be at war with anyone or point fingers at whom or how the challenge started. We are trying to come to an agreement that is best for everyone. We would like to form a youth organization board of directors and if you would like to be involved and want to be heard, please join us November 12th at 6:30pm at the Boys and Girls Club on First Street.
Angelica Richardson,

To the Editor:
1) Rent control is only for residents who want it. Those who don't like it can have their long term lease and the only effect rent control would have on you is you home will be worth more. You continually want to tell us what to do. You have no right to tell us we can't have rent control because you represent a minority group and rent control will not harm you.
2) If you did a little research, you would know other California cities have successfully used a moratorium to halt "condoizing".
3) The new City Council will save the city more than enough money to make up for administering a rent control board.
4) People have a right to have a choice, rather than being dictated to by your minority group.
5) Your group's interference is what has caused "the disruptive mess" and "divided the park". You would not accept the fact that rent control would not effect you and proceeded to side with management. Steve Conaway and Cecelia Cuevas also sided with management from the start. Funny how the guy with the big bucks gets your group's and 2 council persons support immediately when rent control first began. I think the key word in the last sentence is "bucks", because if you cared about people, you would want them to have what they want.
6) Yes, the Santa Paula park did get a $129 increase, but that was from an average rent of $370 in that park. The space across from me is facing a $250 increase from our wonderful owner. So what's better?
Dave Roegner,