Letters to the Editor
November 12th, 2009

To the Editor:
We gratefully thank "The Bag Ladies of Fillmore" for their generous donation to the St. Vincent De Paul Society at St. Francis of Assisi Church. As you may know we operate a Food Bank for Fillmore residents every Tuesday morning and we have been serving 125 to 140 families each week, up until a few months ago. We now help over 175 families a week. We estimate this to be about 700 or more people. They thank you also!
You may have seen many stories in the newspapers about donations to Food Share being down and needs up, they are true, so we again thank you.
We may not know who you are, because you want it that way, but we do know you are a wonderful group of caring women. You are what makes Fillmore great.
Tom Montali, for
St. Vincent De Paul Society,
Clients and Members at St. Francis of Assisi Church, Fillmore

To the Editor:
Thank you for the Gazette's support of the residents of El Dorado Estates in their effort to defeat Measure F. We won this battle by an outstanding margin, 969 votes (86%) against the measure, and 159 votes (14%) for it.
We also thank all those who helped get the message out, and to the voters of Fillmore for taking the time to cast their votes, especially with only one issue on the ballot. Their concern for the future of El Dorado residents and the City of Fillmore is tremendously appreciated.
Board of Directors
Voice of El Dorado Mobile Homeowner's Association
(The results printed in the Gazette were taken from the VC Elections webpage and read “100%” return. Mr. Schifanelli’s letter reflects the correct tally.)