Letters to the Editor
November 11th, 2010

To the Editor:
Wednesday, November 03, 2010
Congratulations to Patti Walker and Brian Sipes for their wins for Fillmore City Council. I only hope that as elected officials, they will prove to me and the citizens of Fillmore, whose votes they did and did not earn by their trust that they are truly deserving of the positions to which they were elected.
As for Mayor Patti Walker, I am disappointed that I am still awaiting information I had requested on September 16th, 2010 in regards to an economic assistance program she had promoted in her campaign. As for Brian Sipes, I am surprised that he has never in the past three years reached out to welcome me or my business to the Fillmore Community. Yet they both campaigned for Accountability, Fiscal Responsibility, Integrity and Understanding. They also laid claim to be Pro Business and encouraged everyone to Shop Local, as this was part of their solution to building Fillmore’s economy. I encourage both Patti & Brian to look deep into their hearts and ask, “Have I been doing what I have asked of the Community? Am I setting precedence by example?” Thus far you have both proved otherwise. Now is the time to show us your commitment to the community that you both campaigned on. I hope someday you can earn my trust.
I welcome Mr. Sipes’ commitment to pursue solar grants to lower operating costs by reducing electricity costs and to lobby for state loans or assistance to pay down our bond debt. I only hope as he claims to be a professional in finance, that he does not ask the taxpayers to foot the bill to pursue these endeavors. I challenge Mr. Sipes to pursue his agendas without cost to the citizens of Fillmore. Talk is cheap, action speaks volumes and time will tell all.
Again, I wish them the very best as they both have a long and winding road ahead. Remember all eyes are on the both of you for the next four years. Good Luck!
Alex Mollkoy

To the Editor:
To the Community of Fillmore:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the voters who placed their trust in me to be their soon to be City Council member. While this election season was contentious, I do acknowledge that debating issues is necessary for the betterment of our community. When I take my oath to be your elected representative, I will work hard to see that our City is run efficiently and governed ethically. As I have stated throughout this campaign, this is the people’s government. I will never breach that trust nor will I ever forget it.
For those whom did not support my candidacy, I hope to earn your trust and support throughout my term as your City Council member. I would also like to acknowledge my opponents. It takes determination and sacrifice to be a candidate. For that, I say thank you for being a part of the process and believing in democracy.
I have high hopes for the new City Council and our community. Let’s work together to find common ground so our community can strive to be the best small town in Ventura County.
Brian Sipes