Letters to the Editor
May 8th, 2008 Edition

To the Editor:
The Citizens for Responsible Growth want to thank everyone who signed our referendum petition to reverse the City Council’s approval of 51 residential units on three acres in North Fillmore. On Thursday May 1st we turned in our petitions with 880 signatures to Steve McClary, Deputy City Clerk.
We only needed 550 signatures of registered voters of Fillmore to qualify the referendum for the November 4th general election. We collected 880 signatures in 13 days with very few people refusing to sign when the situation was explained to them. The response was overwhelming.
The City Council now has two options concerning this referendum: they can either reverse their earlier vote to allow this project to proceed; or failing to do that allow it to go on the November 4th ballot and let the voters of Fillmore decide.
As an added note of information, this past Friday, May 2, we turned in to the city officials a Notice of Intention to Circulate Petitions that will limit the entire 101 acres in North Fillmore to 1-5 dwelling units per acre and limit the overall units to 350 instead of the 700 presently allowed.
We will be bringing you more information about this petition drive in upcoming issues of this paper.
If there are any citizens out there who are willing to help us collect signatures on this upcoming petition, call Ralph Rees at 524-2809 or Clay Westling at 524-5134. Remember this is your city also. Are you willing to help preserve it?
Thanks again to all who gathered referendum signatures and the 880 who signed.
Ralph Rees,

To the Editor:
(Mr. Hansen felt this subject could be of interest to the general public.)
I am entering my 4th week of the virus, shingles. It comes from chicken pox and settles in the spine waiting for a nerve to pop out and let it escape. Your immune system is lower after 55 years old. I am now well into the 4th quarter of this game called life and it really hit me.
I went to the chiropractor with a sore neck and “picky” scalp; he gave me an adjustment which helped the neck…but not the scalp.
That evening the right side of my head caught on fire. The next morning I awoke with a sore throat and hair that I could not touch because of the pain. This was on a Saturday and early Monday morning I was told I had shingles.
I was given the prescriptions and can now see the end of pain, pain and more pain! My head was full of blisters, but I now have just a very itchy scalp.
Believe me, don’t walk to your doctor…run! There is a shot for shingles, get it!
Robert Hansen
Fillmore Studio, Retired