Letters to the Editor
May 7th, 2009

To the Editor:
Another success! Thanks to all the parents and community members who helped and donated their time and items. We had another big success. On April 18, 2009 we made over $1800 on the yard sale for Grad Nite Live. Again thank you, it is one step towards making sure that our kids go on this final cruise together as the graduating class of 2009 from Fillmore High School.
Nora Toledo

To the Editor:
I would like to call into question a statement made by Mr. Roegner. "Most spaces in El Dorado have a lease with 4.5% increases per year. Over 10 years at that rate, the rent nearly doubles." I would like to point out to Mr. Roegner that his math could use a bit of assistance and at the ten year mark the increase would be approximately 48.6%. I'm assuming that when Mr. Roegner uses the term "nearly doubles" he is referring to a 100% increase. I'm not calling into question the need for Rent Control at El Dorado but as a voter if I am to make an informed decision I would prefer to see solid facts and not emotion based statistics. It's been stated that "some wind up losing their home because of the rent increases", how many cases have there been of seniors losing their home because of a rent increase in the past 5 years? I would also appreciate information regarding the price differentials of units being sold in Fillmore versus Santa Paula or elsewhere in the valley. Could you provide MLS listing numbers on a few examples?
Tom Fennell

To The Editor:
Re: Dave Roegner Letter
Dave Roegner, I am aware of the good work you have done for the Senior Center.
Therefore, I am sorry to see you continue to misrepresent the conditions in El Dorado, where I have lived happily for 35 years.
It used to be a peaceful happy place. But the "rent control gang," representing a minority of the park, continue to misrepresent the true facts, as you parroted in your recent letter.
Did you forget the City Council meeting where the Council voted NOT to consider rent control? Where 2'/2 times as many people urged a NO vote on rent control versus those in favor, I suggest you get a copy of the picture published in the Fillmore Gazette showing the sea of hands urging a NO vote if you have conveniently forgot. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It is sure true in this case!
Please stop the irresponsible misrepresentations.
Jim Heady

To the Editor:
This letter is in response to Michael Steel's letter:
You obviously have not lived in El Dorado very long. The previous HOA had about 15 members so 1/3 of the park belonging to the new HOA is by far a superior number. Over 69% of The El Dorado Residents want rent control and do not want the park subdivided and we have proof. Furthermore, for your information, Star Management started their push for subdivision long before the current HOA got involved with their decision to support Rent Control and fight subdividing El Dorado. So to blame them is absolutely idiotic. You clearly are ill informed just as Fred Carpenter is. We gave Fred a copy of the survey taken last year showing more than 69% of the residents are in favor of Rent Control, but of course, he hasn't retracted his ludicrous, ill informed letter from a week ago.
As far as the government getting involved, that is their job just incase you aren't familiar with politics. That's why monopolies like El Dorado are illegal in this Country. And the job of Government is to protect the minorities from bullies, and left wing, kool-aide drinking liberals. Our City Council has every right in the world to get involved and make sure that fair and equitable laws are past to protect Fillmore's Senior Citizens. Many of us have lived here for many years and since you have just moved here, maybe the one who should leave is you because you are clearly in the minority.
David Reeves

To the Editor:
WOW another super production from the Sespe Players. If you missed "The Pole Creek Radio Hour" shame on you. I hope all the Fillmore Merchants that were a part of the play gave big donations to the Sespe Players for the renovations of the auditorium. Chris Villegas is a genius and a very welcome addition to the core of the Sespe Players.
The next production is going to be Saturday, May 16the at noon on the steps of City Hall by the Children's Theater. "Fractured Wolf Tales" that should be a must see by adults and children alike. So much fun.
Then in October they promise a funny, scary and interesting Halloween special. We are blessed in Fillmore to have such an energetic group that entertains us. If you have talents and want to be a part of this wonderful experience I am sure they would love to include you. They have 30 years of entertaining in Fillmore WOW.
Thanks again Sespe Players. I am looking forward to your next production.
Marlene Schreffler
An Avid Fillmore Fan