Letters to the Editor
May 6th, 2010

To the Editor:
My family and I have been residents of Fillmore for 33 years. Years ago we were approached by the City of Fillmore to see if we had any interest in being a part of a proposed Business Park. We sold our property and moved from our home of 32 years to facilitate the business park. Prior to that move we literally ate dirt for over a year while the CITY pursued their Park, and tore up roads and did trenching for their water treatment plant. We agreed to have our property annexed into the city in order to assist the CITY in getting the wastewater treatment plant started and approved. All of this in the name of progress and what was best for the future of Fillmore!
I look around this City at the changes through our 33 years and I see good and positive improvements for the City, the citizens and the future Fillmore.
We are quite concerned that there have been rumors and indications that behind the scenes the city has not been supportive since it got everything it wanted from the landowners. This included getting half of the levy paid for, most of the main streets, and the related infrastructure.
So it appears to us that now since the CITY has gotten what they needed and burdened surrounding property owners support seems to have faded. This is not only unfair but also bad for the future of the City of Fillmore.
I worked for Ameron for 11 years, most of our work force, rode bikes or walked, what a boost it would be to have jobs available in Fillmore!
I would think at this time the #1 priorities for the City of Fillmore would be create jobs and revenue, which you can do by facilitating and finishing the building of the Business Park.
I would hope that this city is not the type that gets what they want and then ignores the citizens that gave it to them.
Thank you
Marian C. Coe


To the Editor:
Just a quick word about Sespe Players, Inc. and the momentum of participation that our production of 'Alice in Wonderland” has injected into this Community Theater Group. WOW! When we need help with something, we got it: Fabulous costumes designed and sewn by Krista Sell, Piano music by Joy Asenas, Radio Publicity by Sara Glauser, props and painting from Sue Zeider, Amalia Aparicio and Jeremy Kirsh. Many of our local businesses helped fund us by placing ads in the playbill; and lots and lots of actors and actresses ages 6 to 60, some coming from Ventura and Santa Paula.
We want to keep the momentum going!
One of our goals is to replace the stage curtains In the Sespe Auditorium!
We need a corral director for a community choir and future musical!? WE need more people able to build sets, paint, and sew. And we can do it with more help from the community.
We have a new Actor's Theater Workshop class starting up with Stephen Burhoe, (our Director) and a Musical Theater Summer Camp starting in June. We want to have productions happening every couple of months, we support the high school Drama Club and Band how ever we can and we can do more it if we have more help.
Our next meeting is Thursday, May 13th, 7:30 at the Foy's located at 437 Saratoga St.
Please feel free to call Janet if you have any questions 217-2402.
Keep the performing arts alive and well in Fillmore......it's a lot of work, but we sure have a lot of worthwhile FUN!!!
Janet Foy