Letters to the Editor
May 6, 2020

To the Editor:
Coronavirus observations
Enough is enough!!!! According to reliable doctors {without an agenda.} the chance of dying from this virus is .08% in California. In other words you have as many chances to die from a car accident. So why is our governor so determined to destroy the economy of our state? “For our own safety” is his excuse. Are we not capable of taking care of our own safety? | think it is time to stop acting like sheep willing to follow without questions.
Huguette Johnson
Fillmore, Ca.

To the Editor:
Re: Huguette Johnson’s “Coronavirus observations” Letter to the Editor.
It’s too early to establish a reliable death rate for Covid19 but it’s clearly more deadly than the seasonal flu. Even with our current physical distancing measures in place, Covid19 will kill far more people than a bad flu season. The daily U.S. death rate from Covid19 is currently higher than the daily U.S. death rate from car accidents, cancer, heart disease, etc., besides, it’s nonsensical to compare a highly contagious airborne virus to automobile accidents. Automobile accidents are not airborne, not going to sneeze on you, not contagious, and that’s why physical distancing measures are necessary and have already saved 100’s of thousands of lives.
Scott Duckett,