Letters to the Editor
May 5, 2021

To the Editor:
Second Opinion.
After reading last week’s Editorial, I can either write my Second Opinion obit, or use as few extra words to call to arms the people who understand the nature of democracy and know that ginned-up complete distrust of one of two political parties will destroy that democracy. The choice: give up or fight back by all means sans violence.
Our form of government requires a certain level of trust in each other and at least a partially shared vision of our country’s potential and commitment to opportunity for all. We may be at a point where that is not possible, where aiming slightly beyond our reach for the good of the many as opposed to billionaires, the religious right, and anti-government militias, does not compute for the Trump base (TB; I do not believe that all Relicans are so afflicted).
President Biden’s plan to lift the middle class and poor population and their children from the stagnancy of the long failed experiment in “trickle-down” economics is rejected by TB Relicans as “socialism!!!” and an attempt to destroy the country by wrenching it from the exclusive control of the rich. But it’s not just policy differences they condemn. It is the ethics, the very identity and nature of the Democratic Party members that they attack in case a stray Relican should agree with Biden’s economic programs.
Over time, no one has soiled the argument more than our esteemed editor, and never more clearly than last week: "As long as any Democrat Party members have anything to do with election ballot counting I have no confidence in a true and honest conclusion." Dems believe that government can sometimes be the best instrument of positive change. But TB Relicans, they who believe that government can or should not function at all, want to regain and keep the reins of power. What could go wrong?
If that’s the case, game over. All we have left is to play out another civil war, an option for which I have read approval in this newspaper. Forget trying to work out major national problems, forget that the middle class is the backbone of the country. But keep the low-bar ethics of the TB Relican Party and bathe in the obstructionism and nihilism they have elevated to an art. Find all the ways that Biden’s attempts to improve the lot of ordinary Americans can be sabotaged so TB Relicans can reach the dizzying achievement of “owning the Libs.”
Who cares if a novel and deadly world-wide disease killed over half a million people in this country and the resulting economic scourge devastated many who could least withstand it? TB Relicans have no plan, and never have had a plan, of their own. Don’t need one; just prevent those Libs from offering a new vision for our democracy in a new world. The rich are doing fine; their wealth increased by millions and billions during the pandemic;
no change needed, no worries there.
People, including editors, are entitled to their opinions. When those opinions dismiss and vilify any attempt to improve the lot of ordinary Americans to the point of starting, defending, and forgiving rebellion (remembering Trump’s January 6 Capitol Insurrection), it is worth noting. With no one commenting otherwise, a fundamental choice is forming. Political in packaging, but death of the republic at its heart. To give up is not an option.
Kelly Scoles,


To the Editor:
Biden gave his first address to Congress last week. In the address he made the following statement, “Our Constitution opens with the words, ‘We the People’. It’s time we remembered that We the People are the government.” I’ve followed our local elected Congresswoman Julia Brownley this past year and question who she is representing. Is it her party or the people of Ventura County? I point this out as Brownley supported HR1 which, among other things, allows minors to register to vote when Ventura County said no to Prop 18 which was to allow 17-yearolds to vote. On her website Brownley made a statement on Biden’s address to Congress. In the statement Brownley said “...I am committed to working with President Biden and Vice President Harris to ensure we restore faith in our democracy, open doors to opportunity, and deliver for the people.” Guess we now know which one she represents.
Patti Walker,