Letters to the Editor
May 4, 2023

To the Editor:

There are some democrats that are just unable to recognize the damage our current president has done to our country. They rattle on about the failures of Trump, DeSantis and others yet fail to point any finger at Biden. Even when faced with facts of the disasters Biden has inflicted upon the nation, they act like the three monkeys, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

True, I’ve written about how I believe Biden is a danger to America. And I’ve written on how I support many of the policies implemented by Trump, DeSantis and others.

I believe there are two genders, yet acknowledge that there are individuals who are attracted to the same sex and believe in their right to have such an attraction. The government needs to keep out of the bedroom.

I believe children are to be protected by their parents. Unless the parents are being neglectful of their children, keep government out of my house.

If you’re sending my children off to war, please tell me why. Tell me the end-game. I’ll be more willing to support the cause.

I support the completion of the wall at the border. I don’t believe we should bring in over four million immigrants a year to “pick our crops” and clean our homes. I don’t support slavery under any terms.

I believe there are inherent rights which all are entitled to without discrimination. I don’t believe “roads are racists”.

From my point of view and from all I’ve heard on CNN, MSNBC and The View, and what I’ve read on Politico, New York Times and others, the democrats do not believe in the same things I believe in. So until a Democrat comes into power that has my core values, I’ll keep voting Republican.

Patti Walker,
Fillmore, Ca.