Letters to the Editor
May 4, 2022

Letter to The Editor:
What is the purpose of a city council proclamation? They are handed out like candy at Halloween in recognition of employees work ethics, retiring employees and council members, school championships, or annual announcements like fire prevention week, mental awareness, cancer awareness, etc., etc. It is an official statement of praise and celebration.
Last year the Fillmore City Council issued a proclamation to announce LGBTQ+ Pride Month. When asked, the city joined in to provide support for a resource fair in 2021 which was held outside City Hall. In doing so, they now find they’re being chided for not willing to support the fair in 2022.
The city did not issue a declaration, which is different from a proclamation. A declaration is an indication of an opinion or belief. Maybe not all five of the council members believe they should have the city involved to the level they found themselves in the prior year. Their desire not to continue in a yearly resource fair is not an act of discrimination or an effort to oppress any member of the community. If the non-profit in question wishes to hold the fair I hope it is successful. It is not necessary for the city to be involved for it to be so.
Patti Walker,