Letters to the Editor
May 29th, 2008

To the Editor:
Re: Rev. Sherwood Haisty
As the sister, friend and acquaintance of numerous veterans, some of who made the ultimate sacrifice, I am deeply saddened and even angered by the sermon presented at the Memorial Day Services.
While this sermon may have been appropriate from your personal pulpit, I found it disgracefully inappropriate for a Veterans Memorial Service.
Our veterans have sacrificed for the right for you to give this sermon. If any thought had been given to the meaning of the service, maybe "Onward Christian soldiers" would have been a more appropriate sermon.
Janet Westerberg Cadena,

To the Editor:
As the wife of a Vietnam Veteran and Daughter of a WWII Vet I am very angered by the sermon (or should I say inappropriate tirade) delivered by Pastor Haisty at the Memorial Day Service at Bardsdale Cemetery. Memorial Day is to remember our fallen heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. I certainly hope that next Memorial Day the Board Members screen the contents of the sermon delivered by the minister so that it reflects on the Veterans being honored and not on inappropriate ramblings on subjects that in no way pertain to Memorial Day and its meaning to honor vets.
Patricia M Westerberg,

To the Editor:
My family and I attended the Memorial Day Service held at the Bardsdale Cemetery on Monday, 26 May. I would like to thank the committee who arranged this celebration. The ceremony was well organized and the Memorial Day Message, delivered by Senior Master Sergeant Roy Nichols, was inspiring and in keeping with the purpose of the service. It provided cause for reflection and thankfulness.
The "sermon" delivered by Rev. Sherwood Haisty was quite another matter. In my opinion, it was an embarrassment to the community and certainly disrespectful of those we came to honor. Reverend Haisty made a futile attempt to tie his "message" to the events of the day but failed miserably. The facts are, he selfishly seized the opportunity to use the stage as a bully pulpit to "spread the word" rather than honor the men and women of the Armed Forces.
Specifically, he spent a significant amount of time railing against abortion, homosexuality, and other "sins." This sort of discussion does not belong in a Memorial Day service any more than a speaker advocating abortion or gay rights would. I doubt if those who served us in time of war actually asked those fighting next to them if they were "fornicators" or "self-abusers" or any of the other terms that Reverend Haisty is so fond of and repeated time and again in his sermon. To add insult to injury, he defined each term in detail in case we were too ignorant to know what they meant.
In fact, I doubt if the soldier in the midst of battle even cared if the person who shared his foxhole was a Christian as long as he was there to support the troops and defend our country. As I stood there and listened to his tirade, I was looking out on gravestones that had inscriptions in Japanese and other languages. I would guess that many of our veterans were not Christians but may have worshiped God in many different ways.
Our family has a decorated veteran interred in the Bardsdale cemetery. As the Reverend droned on, I could only imagine what he would have thought had he been there to listen. In my opinion, Memorial Day commemorates U.S. men and women who perished while in military service to their country. It is not a day meant to honor only Christians who lost their life, or hold a revival meeting, or be judgmental of those who served and made the ultimate sacrifice. It also should not be used as an opportunity to advance one individuals opinion or belief.
Again I would like to thank the committee who organized this event. It takes a lot of time and coordination and they are to be commended. I can only ask that in the future the speakers be selected with more care or at least be told to cease when they wander off the subject with their rantings.
Dave and Michele Anderson,

To the Editor:
I like many have attended the Memorial Day Services at Bardsdale Cemetery for many years now. The ceremony in past years has been a very moving experience as we have honored those that have given that last full measure of devotion to this our country.
This year as in past years the ceremony has honored those that have fallen and those that have served their country. The Presentation of Colors, The Pledge of Allegiance, The Memorial Day Message (This year by Senior Master Sergeant Roy L. Nichols was very inspiring), The Placing of The Wreath, the release of the white doves , The reading of the list of our dead, the gun salute by the VFW and Taps brought tears to all that attended.
The only wrinkle to the beauty of the entire ceremony was the Memorial Service delivered by Rev. Sherwood Haisty who rather than do honor to our cherished dead decided to give a sermon on what seemed to be his favored sexual perversions and the evils of abortion. To the shock of many in attendance this disrespect of our honored servicemen and women went on for what seemed like an eternity. At the end where other speakers before and after him got a hardy applause for their efforts, Rev. Haisty, who must not have known what kind of address was appropriate for the occasion got no more than stunned silence for his inappropriate tirade and disrespect for our honored dead.
Where this kind of sermon which may be appropriate from his pulpit, it certainly was not for what was otherwise a beautiful and moving show of respect for our honored dead and those that have served and given that last full measure of devotion to this OUR beloved country where we honor the men and women that have faithfully served to keep us free. There is a time and a season for everything but unfortunately Rev. Sherwood Haisty has failed to know that time and place.
Terry Timmons,

To the Editor:
Heritage Valley 5K / 10K Run and Health Fair
On May 17, 2008 under the sponsorship of the Fillmore Sun Risers Rotary the first 5K/10K run in 10 years was held. Over 90 athletes and about 15 health related groups with displays were involved.
The event was several months in the planning by the Race Committee which consisted of: Joe Aguirre – Race Director; Epi Torres, Joe Martinez, Diane Torrence, Ken Smedley, Kim Tafoya, Garrett Kendrick, Erika Huerta and Pablo Suarez.
Race day volunteers included: Amelia Aparicio and the Mentees, Tim Hagle, Robert Martinez, Rudy Guevarra, Alisa Byrne, Carol Barringer, Glenn deSanno, Scott Lee, Juan Zermeno, Norma Sanford, Terri Aguirre, Sarah Hansen, Kathy Vargas, Natalie Garnica, Nadia Lomeli, Jaymee Harter and Aimee Orozco.
Major sponsors were: Limoneira Company, Valley Care IPA, Fillmore Mountain Search and Rescue, MTS Consulting, Edward Jones Investments, Larry Dunst and Community Pharmacy, Bennett’s Honey Farm, Curves, El Pescador, HANDS-ON Consultations, Prudential California Realty and Barkley Insurance.
Special race day recognition goes to The Water Store for keeping everyone hydrated and Cornejo’s Fruit Stand for providing fruit to keep up energy levels.
As President of the Fillmore Sun Risers Rotary Club, I want to thank all the volunteers and participants for making this event a great beginning for what will be an annual event in Fillmore. Planning for next year’s event is now underway so start getting in shape!
Ken Smedley – President,
Fillmore Sun Risers Rotary

To the Editor:
There is an upcoming election with two very interesting Propositions on the ballot. Let us assume for the moment that both Proposition 98 and Proposition 99 receive a majority of ‘Yes’ votes. Both become effective--right? Maybe not!
On the surface, both Propositions deal with Eminent Domain and the government’s use and abuse of Eminent Domain. Proposition 98 would restrict the use of Eminent Domain much more than Proposition 99. All the Eminent Domain restrictions imposed by Proposition 99 would also be restricted by Proposition 98.
Of course, both Propositions contain more than the Eminent Domain issue. Doesn’t every Proposition on any ballot have some ‘extras’? Since it is an ‘all or nothing’ vote, the voters have to decide on the individual Propositions. After the voter has decided which if either or both of the Eminent Domain issues they favor, they also need to consider the side effects.
Here is just one of those side effects. There is a ‘poison pill’ buried deep inside Proposition 99. If Proposition 99 receives as little as one ‘Yes’ vote more than Proposition 98 then Proposition 98 is negated! Proposition 98 would not take effect! All the ‘Yes’ votes cast for Proposition 98 won’t mean a thing! Even if Proposition 98 receives a majority of ‘Yes’ votes it will not take effect!
Think about it. Could it be that the entire purpose of Proposition 99 is to eliminate Proposition 98?
Yours in freedom,
Jay C. Wood,

To the Editor:
Roberto Orellana is remarkably well-qualified for the office of Superior Court Judge for Ventura County. I have known him as a student, as a practicing attorney, and as a son-in-law for more than twenty-five years and have followed his career in law practice with much attention. The promise given by his record of academic excellence at Thomas Aquinas College and Notre Dame Law School is fulfilled in his acclaimed service as Assistant County Counsel for eighteen years. Anyone who has had professional contact with him will readily acknowledge his thoroughgoing competence, openmindedness, exacting ethical standards and personal integrity. He knows the law; he honors and keeps the law. Roberto Orelana is exactly what one looks for in a judge. I strongly recommend to every one of your readers a YES vote for Roberto Orellana on June 3 - - or by absentee ballot today.
Yours very truly,
Joseph P.D. Kern,
Attorney at Law,