Letters to the Editor
May 28th, 2009

To the Editor:
Re: Last week’s article “FUSD Board President Rebuts FUTA”
Mr. Garnica, you accused FUTA’s article of being nothing more than opinion and containing factual errors. Your article in last week’s edition of the Gazette also contains opinion, factual errors and attempts to purposely mislead the public. First, your opinion that the administration was the first to “feel the pain” makes me believe that you are certainly out of touch with reality. How can you compare not filling a long time vacated position (Technology Director) to a currently employed, living, breathing person receiving a pink slip. Empty office furniture doesn’t “feel the pain.” Some of the hardest working and lowest paid people in the school district ARE in fact feeling real pain. Second, if the “full-time quasi-administrative position” (thank you for the “open and transparent” specifics) you are referring to is the “Accounting Supervisor” then you certainly are out to deceive the citizens of Fillmore. This district office position was cut with the school board’s left hand while the right hand snuck around and created a new district office position called the “Attendance Accounting Specialist.” Can you clarify for the citizens of Fillmore how cutting a district office position while creating a new district office position (apparently designed for the district office employee that was just cut) is a cut? Is this recently cut district office employee also “feeling the pain” in their newly created district office position? I would ask you, your colleagues, and Gazette readers to think carefully about the following question: “Mr. Garnica, are you simply a victim of the disingenuous way Sweeney, Bush and Townend are operating our school district? Or, are you part of the deception?”
A Very Concerned Citizen of Fillmore

To the Editor:
Fillmore Friends,
Our daughter, sister, granddaughter Alyssa Diane Aguilar graduated from San Diego State with Honors from Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society with her Masters in education/counseling. We are so proud of Alyssa and all her accomplishments. We wanted to give a shout out to the community and let them know what she has done. Alyssa graduated from Fillmore High in 1998 and thanks to all the generous scholarships from the community she was given a helping hand. We are so proud.
David & Donneta Smallwood
Javy & Evelia Aguilar
Robbie, Brianna, J.D.
Granny (Shirley Spitler)

To the Editor:
To The Voters Of Fillmore:
We are finished gathering signatures for the El Dorado Rent Stabilization and Homeowner Protection Initiative. On May 13 I submitted signatures on this Initiative to the City Clerk. I would like to thank all of the volunteers who worked so hard to make this happen. I would also like to thank the Fillmore voters for their tremendous support of this important Initiative.
On May 20 a notice to circulate another initiative proposed by El Dorado MANAGEMENT was published in the Fillmore Gazette. It is called Fair Rent and Homeownership Initiative. As you might expect, this initiative highly favors the owner of El Dorado’s pocketbook. It offers NO rent control protection that we don’t already have, which only exists after a condo conversion. It gives the residents NO say in whether the condo conversion happens.
In addition, the paid signature gatherers are telling voters that my initiative is “unconstitutional” and that their initiative will replace mine. This is misleading and untrue.
This is the opposite of the initiative which I proposed. My initiative offers all seniors of El Dorado real savings on their rents. My initiative offers the residents a vote on a condo conversion (which, I gather, the vast majority does not want) that the City can use to stop the conversion from happening. In my opinion, management’s initiative will impose much hardship on the seniors of El Dorado. I am strongly opposed to management’s initiative.
Dave Roegner