Letters to the Editor
May 28, 2015

To the Editor:
Fun day at the fish hatchery
(a mini adventure) On a partially overcast day in late April, my daughter and I took a short drive from Santa Clarita to the Fillmore, Trout Fish Hatchery, passing through a beautiful agricultural landscape on our way.
As we neared, there was a road sign indicating that the hatchery was on the other side of the highway. Once we crossed, we proceeded to drive down a narrow road one-quarter-of-a-mile to our destination.
After arriving, we ambled over to a sheltered area in front of the hatchery where we could read about the Rainbow Trout. We also learned that to keep the trout safe from prey swooping down to devour them, a complete top-to-side fence had been constructed over their living area.
We then freely entered through the hatchery's gate, eyeing a primitive vending machine that allowed visitors the opportunity to purchase 10-cent, fish food for the trout. Unfortunately, my coin purse held only quarters.
As we walked over to watch the swimming trout, I was disappointed my daughter would not have the opportunity for a hands-on experience feeding the fish; but before leaving the hatchery, we approached a gentleman I hoped could provide one or two dimes in exchange for a quarter. Luckily, he gladly traded two of his dimes for one of my quarters. My daughter and I then walked over to the food machine to begin our adventure.
After inserting our dimes into the slot, we filled our hands with fish morsels. With a cool, moderate wind blowing, we carefully sprinkled the square-shaped nourishment into the water above the trout. Suddenly, and without warning, they attacked the food like ferocious piranhas, causing the water to bubble and churn. Before the frenzy stopped, we stared in total amazement at their mad rush for the food and were just as equally amazed at their calm demeanor as they fell back into their regimented, school line.
Our mini adventure was a surprising learning experience in more ways than one. As we once again drove past the beautiful, agricultural landscape to return home, we could not complain.
Toni C. Smith


To the Editor:
Would you like to memorialize a family member or honor a friend, your high school class or club? The Fillmore Historical Museum will be accepting orders for customized pavers to be ordered after the 4h of July and installed in August. The price for each paver is $100.00 with funds used for the programs and operations of the museum.
You can see the pavers which have already been placed by checking the memorial area on the south side of the Gazebo on Main St. For more information come by museum office in the bunkhouse at 340 Main St. , Fillmore or call 805-524-0948.
Martha Gentry
Director, Fillmore Historical Museum