Letters to the Editor
May 22nd, 2008

To the Editor:
On May 28, 2008, Boy Scout Michael Watson, a member of Troop 411 in Fillmore, California, part of the Ventura County Council, will be honored at a special court of honor for achieving the Eagle Scout award, Boy Scouting’s highest honor. In your position, I know you recognize the importance of this achievement in this young man’s life.
To become an Eagle Scout, Michael earned 23 merit badges and served his troop in a variety of leadership roles. He also completed a community service project where he coordinated and helped concrete the high school’s batting cage. This project included numerous hours of coordinating schedules, obtaining volunteer skilled labor, as well as acquiring donations of concrete, rebars and sand. As a student at Fillmore High School, Michael has maintained a 4.6 GPA while competing in baseball and basketball. He is planning on continuing his education by attending a four-year university after completing high school.
Thank you so much for taking the time to help us honor this special young man.
Cliff Watson,

To the Editor:
Why is it that most of the citizens clearly see the Water Treatment Plant as a rip off, but the city thinks it is a great deal? The people wanted the same site expanded to treat water, not to have the city go through the expense of buying more land. The people can see that Gayle Washburn's comparison to Santa Paula is valid and should shame our city officials. Maybe PERC did not bid, but their Santa Paula numbers represent what Fillmore should have held out for instead of going for the first bid that came along. What was the big hurry to jump into this deal that would drive out businesses from Fillmore and raise the people's bill so high? The people are angry about this and the incumbents will feel it in November.
Dave Roegner,

To the Editor:
My Father always counseled me to never quit, never give up. But finally I had to admit that I was beaten. My wife's last six years of life took all my savings. I don't begrudge it, but now, a WWII Vet at age 90, my total income is just a bit less than my rent. I had never asked anything of my Country, now that I needed assistance, I applied to Area Housing for help with my rent. They interviewed me and told me that I was fifth from the top of the list. But the list was frozen at the Federal level. That was a year ago.
Finally I appealed to my Congressman, Elton Gallegly, for help. He said he would see what he could do. That was three weeks ago. A week ago I got a letter from Area Housing Authority setting a new appointment for May 22.
Gallegly has been developing seniority for a number of years in the House. Seniority is what other Members look at when deciding whom to support. It's obvious that our Congressman has the clout required to support us in our need. Of course I will be voting for him, but I hope all the rest of you do so as well. We need someone in our corner who understands how to get things done, and is willing to try.
Harold Wilder, Jr.,