Letters to the Editor
May 22, 2014

To The Editor:
Without others many things are not possible. With the 102nd May Festival in the books, I wanted to personally acknowledge and publically “THANK” those that helped make it happen. It is truly a thankless job and for the past few months, especially this past weekend all of these individuals showed their true dedication and commitment. Many assume that they are “paid” to do this event, however that is a false statement. They all dedicate themselves, take time away from their families all for the love of this community. These volunteers have always been a huge help to me as they combine the rare talents of grace-under-pressure with a friendliness “can do” spirit. Ron Smith, Helen Dominguez, Christie Neal, RJ & Joni Stump, Kristen Dollar, Gabi Farrar, Shawn Diaz, Amber Holmes, Darlene Holmes, Craig Cole, Greg Nunez and all of the volunteers who helped, served or sold tickets during the event.
This event also would not be what it is without Rico Santana along with his sound crew, Mark Ortega and all of the Fillmore High School Alumni volunteers as well as Boy Scout Troop 406 along with their parents and families. City Staff, Dave Rowlands, Rick Neal, Annette Cardona, David Smallwood, Rigo Landeros, Kevin McSweeney, Hannah Stuart, Ines Ebell , Patty Virto, Leo Vasquez, the Ventura County Sheriff Explorers together with Dave Wareham and the Ventura County Sheriffs Department.
Lastly to Evelyn Hasty throughout the 15+ years you have been involved with this event, your knowledge, accounting & office skills as well as just the plain simple fact that you kept all of us “in-line” were sorely missed this year. You are definitely a pillar of strength and an example that many should follow.
My sincerely apologies for anyone that I might have forgotten. Thanks again to all.
Lynn Cole


Letter to the Editor,
Hello Fillmore! What a great week we had last week starting off the 100 celebration with such a great May Festival. Our town is such a great place to live, with the exception of
Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep….this is the sound that near by neighbors, teachers and students of the Chevron superfund site hear on a daily bases for 8 hours 5 days a week. Yup it is like an alarm clock going off all day long. Oh but I am jumping to quick to my monthly rant. At our last meeting we were told that the soil cleanup is being completed. The first loads were sent out of town in the red bins and the later days work the dirt was moved to another location on-site to be sorted. Now there was a bit of discussion if the dirt that was just moved to another location would be contaminating dirt that has already been cleaned. We were told by the Chevron representative it is only debris. We were told by the EPA representative that a contaminant is a contaminant and would need to be cleaned up. Some questions that were asked were: How far is the air quality tested? Will children be evaluated to consider their exposure? Who decides what tests get done? Who is at risk? The EPA representative said everyone is at risk. Is it safe to build there? EPA representative stated that when it is finished it will be safe. Will building there be better than grass or natural plants? EPA said either would be fine, the top fill of clean soil covers the problem. One is not better than another.
Now I have recently talked to the planning commission and City council on how I do not feel that Chevron is on the up and up and I feel that they will not be truthful to our City council and the town as a whole, so I think I should back that up by some examples I have experienced and some that people have told me about .1) I went to a Chevron meeting 1 year ago this month and “no Chevron rep” was present but instead the sent another consultant company to run the meeting. The rep gave nice but out dated information. Months later one of the people whom I did not know at the May meeting showed up to be the Chevron Rep giving the latest report. 2) When I asked about the 20 ft hill in the back of my house I was told it was for drainage, after having an engineer look at the grading plan it was determined that is only half the truth. The hill is actually a pad for a future building. Back in 2013 I was told that “the slope won’t be that steep nor that close to the channel”. 3) Chevron has said that they will not do anything that would hurt our down town merchants but in their hand out on page 2 it states the project is “anticipated for commercial use such as restaurants, offices and retail stores”. 4) Chevron has told me and others that work would not be done on windy days. Then it changed to no work on east wind days, then it changed to no work on days where the winds are 20+ mph. 5) Chevron has told some neighbors that there have not been reports of odors. 6) I have been told by some one being paid by Chevron that any time my name comes up on the web they are notified, creepy. Also when I have recently gone to take pictures of the site work being done I am now being photographed also, again creepy.
The Remediation & Redevelopment meeting (Chevron superfund site) will be tonight Thursday May 22, 2014 5:30 p.m @ the Fillmore Senior Center. Please come and learn more about this project so you will be ready to voice your opinion on the matter very soon. The city will announce the date of the public comment soon so look for it.
Thanks again for your time,
Kathy Pace