Letters to the Editor
May 21, 2015

To the Editor:
Since I wrote so many letters to the editor regarding Fillmore High School in the 2013-2014 school year, I feel that I should provide an up-date from my perspective.
FHS has been transformed back into the school where I loved working for 27 years. As soon as I entered the main office, I could see and hear the difference. Under the leadership of Mr. Tom Ito, people are smiling and laughing again. I noticed the changes when I started substituting for teachers and administering tests in the fall. Once again students were attentive and happily learning and working. It was great to be back.
Most importantly, however, I am very proud of the staff especially the teachers. They should and need to be commended for their excellent demonstration of the competence of the teaching staff and curriculum with the WASC visiting team in the fall. It was a great relief and pleasure to hear that Fillmore High School received a 6 year WASC accreditation with a one day visit for a mid-term evaluation. If the school’s leadership had not changed, the WASC visit would have been a different story.
Congratulations to the students, certificated, classified, and administrative staff at Fillmore High School for a job well done.
Additionally, it is wonderful being welcomed back on the FHS campus.
Sincerely yours,
Karen Ashim, Retired Head Counselor Fillmore High School
MS Counseling & Guidance
MA School Administration


To the Editor:
This last months Chevron superfund site meeting at the senior center was informative as always. We had an update as to the time line of the air sparging unit will be up and running. It has been installed and is waiting for power. In the past it was mentioned that there maybe noise, and they will put a blanket on it to lessen the noise. How nice they want it to be cozy. They are still watering the dead flowers and some shrubs that they are trying to get established along the hill side. My comment was why they are doing this during a drought in the middle of the day. The answer is they will be watering the shrubs the first year to establish it, so glad we don’t want that water for drinking later down the road.
Our guest speaker talked on Hydraulic studies and flood plan along pole creek. If you look at the FEMA flood maps on line you can see where your house is in the flood zone.
Traffic studies are still bening done. There are questions about traffic issues on Santa Clara and 126. Some time in June the plan is to have a community work shop for the specific plan, the date is currently unknown.
The ATSDR health report is finally done and the plan is to present it to the general public June 22nd 2015 time and location TBA. This is the report some have been waiting years to hear.
Our next meeting is Tuesday June 23rd 5:30 p.m. at the senior center.
Kathy Pace
Shout out to the Leo’s Club from FHS who helped Just Serve clean the Fillmore Equestrian Center and another shout out to the FHS students who participated in the special needs Night to Remember Prom in Ventura, you are known county wide for being students who really support your fellow friends.