Letters to the Editor
May 15, 2014

To the Editor:
I would like to thank the members of the Fillmore Ebell club for their generosity toward the music program in the Fillmore Unified School District. As our program has grown, the Ebell Club has consistently donated funds that have allowed us to purchase some of the more expensive instruments that we use in band including baritones and tubas. Even with constant fundraising we would not have been able to purchase these instruments due to the expense. The Ebell members should be most proud in knowing that, for many years to come, students will be able to learn and perform using instruments that would otherwise not be available. Most recently, we were able to purchase two new sousaphones for our marching band at FHS.
The FHS Marching Band will use their new tubas for the first time this Saturday at the May Festival Parade. The high school band will also perform at the final Ebell club meeting on May 27. Our tuba players look forward to playing our new instruments.
Thank you for your belief and commitment to music education.
Greg Godfrey, Band Director
Fillmore High School /Fillmore Middle School


To the Editor:
The Fillmore Band Boosters would like to thank the Fillmore Ebell Club for their continued support of our music program and the opportunities they have provided for our students over many years. Recently, the Ebell club donated funds that allowed us to purchase tubas for our marching band. The Band Boosters goal is to support our programs through fundraising and help to provide opportunities for our students through music education. The Ebell club has been extremely generous to our bands for many years and has helped us to meet our goals of providing instruments for students.
Thanks for your support!
Fillmore Band Boosters