Letters to the Editor
May 11, 2023

To the Editor:

I don’t often address another LTTE, but Ms. Walker’s last week is representative of the Republican self-image, though far from what the current Party really stands for.

We are battling inflation, an anticipated result of the Covid-19 disaster. Unemployment is at surprisingly low levels. Several bipartisan bills have been passed to aid the economy. Accusations of a disastrous presidency and a “Biden Crime Family” are unaccompanied by facts.

Unlike Ms. Walker, the GOP endorses “being in the bedroom.” It also believes it has jurisdiction over pregnant women’s uteruses. DeSantis and others believe that transgender people do not really exist, or that they have no right to live their lives consistent with their sense of self. They believe in parental rights, but not to choose affirmative medical care for their transgender child.

Who can quarrel with the assertion that “children should be protected by their parents?” But a growing number of mid-west Republican states have passed laws allowing children as young as 12 to work in meat packing houses and restaurants, even on the night shift. IA, SD, and AK are just three red states that allow child labor without age verification or parental permission. The vulnerability to slaughter of schoolchildren, and those in public places, is just the price to be paid for war-weapon “freedom.”

We should all be aware of our reasons for war. Ex-president GWBush attacked Afghanistan and Iraq for fallacious facts and reasons with no withdrawal plan, subjecting us, our allies, and the Mideast to two decades of war. President Biden has been clear that our commitment to Ukraine is to resist the takeover of a free country by a deranged despot, and to prevent another world war.

The wall didn’t work, Mexico didn’t pay for it, and thousands of children were separated from their parents. “Immigration” hasn’t been resolved by either Party, in part because there is an issue of asylum, and an economic benefit in allowing some minimum wage labor to pick crops, clean homes, corporate hotel rooms, and restaurant kitchens. For Republicans it is a beneficial political issue.

Republicans will risk the “full faith and credit” of the US and refuse to pay debts that Congress has already incurred. They propose to reduce by 22% support for veterans, school lunches, and WIC allotments, repeal green tax incentives, and scale back rail safety inspections, etc., and will renew Trump’s tax cut for the wealthy without offset. They defend assault rifles in public places. This, too, will get Ms. Walker’s faithful Republican vote.

Kelly Scoles,
Fillmore, Ca.