Letters to the Editor
May 11, 2023

To the Editor:

Something the so-called Progressives are really good at is teaching what to ignore or gaslight. Another is to focus on emotions and ignore reality. Today their name calling is overused. It’s become a WOKE/JOKE and now most pay attention to reality that is right in front of them. But last week’s Kelly Scoles blatther using the word “MAGA Christian Right” was pathetic. As though people with religious faith look at Trump as a god. That was really ugly and even an apology to those of faith she insulted would not be enough. I am not religious at all, but I have respect for those of faith and the good we have all received from their faith for hundreds of years. Did Scoles conveniently forget the many pictures of Obama with a halo over his head or praying candles with his picture?

Did she forget (ignore) about our schools with the “Progressives” in control? The left has had complete control of our schools and California for many years, yet today “Nearly 1 in 4 people over the age of 15 lack the skills to decipher the words in this sentence. Only 77% of adults are considered mid- to highly literate.” according to Ed Source March 2, 2022.
There are 45 million Americans who are functionally illiterate, unable to read at a 5th grade level, and half of all adults can’t read a book at an 8th grade level, California 25% of the state’s 6 million students are unable to perform basic reading skills according to the Policy Center reported six years ago.

What did Obama and Progressives do to address this? Millions of students have completed K-12 since Common Core State Standards, started in 2010 under Obama. The so-called educational initiative failure aimed at getting around legal barriers to allow federal bureaucrats to establish a curriculum of what should be taught and when; to teach for the test, not to the students’ needs. Today thirteen years later public education is basically child care (sometimes a danger to students) with a food pantry anyone could find at a 7-11. Yet teachers demand a raise in pay. Failure sure pays with Gov, Ed.
Why is a failure in public education so ignored? Because the Progressives use IGNORE IT AND FOCUS ON EMOTIONS, RACE AND SEX, but point the finger that it’s “their fault not ours.”

Jean McLeod,
Fillmore, Ca.