Letters to the Editor
March 7, 2024

To the Editor:

You’re very good at slinging mud at Biden with no specific charge let alone actual evidence, while completely ignoring the outrageous, adjudicated behavior of Trump, and his lack of support for Ukraine. What are you getting from Trump that you can’t get from Biden?

It seems related to your assertion that this is a Christian country. That’s completely and unequivocally untrue. Franklin, Adams, and Jefferson roll over in their graves at the very notion. The founders didn’t include the separation of church and state for nothing. But let’s play with that idea. Are we a Christian nation? I wish, in practice at least. If Jesus were alive today, which policies would he endorse?

Razor wire in the Rio Grande or a pathway for Dreamers?
Tax cuts for the uber wealthy or anti-poverty programs?
Unregulated access to guns or protections for the public?
Relaxing child labor laws for corporate profit or enforcing child labor laws?
An environmental free-for-all for corporations or regulations to protect our planet?
Ask yourself, “What would Jesus do?” The answer to that is obvious. And it isn’t answered by flinging unfounded accusations about Democrats against the wall to divert attention from the question.

Pat Collins,
Fillmore, Ca.