Letters to the Editor
March 5th, 2009

To the Editor:
Re: Editorial Comments
I am stating for the record, that I disagree with your opinions expressed in recent editorials. We have never had a conversation about these issues and they appear to be based on gossip and assumptions.
My positions on staff and other issues have been published in the Gazette and online during the campaign. I suggest you read them. I also speak my own mind and no one else speaks for me.
The people of Fillmore wanted some change in the community. I believe one of those changes was an end to this kind of bullying and dialog that has occurred for many years. Many months ago I temporarily discontinued my blog because I didn't appreciate the disrespectful comments coming from either side and refused to post any comment demeaning staff, other Council members or members of the public. It serves no good purpose.
While elected officials and staff are always subject to criticism, there is no need to become abusive or hateful.
I suggest we put an end to a culture of divisiveness that has existed for a long time. I ask all fellow citizens not to participate in this behavior either.
We have to agree that we all want the best for Fillmore and this is not the way to achieve that. We have economic and other challenges ahead of us. It's time to move on and get to work.
Gayle Washburn
Fillmore City Councilmember

To the Editor:
In response to Martin Farrell’s Realities of February 26, 2009, I had the opportunity to speak to Steve McClary on what will be a well-earned position (and promotion) as Assistant City Manager for the City of Ojai.
First, Mr. McClary applied for the position in Ojai in October, 2008. In other words, prior to the 2008 election.
Second, the only staff which answer to the council are the City Manager and City Attorney - all other staff, which included Mr. McClary, respond to the City Manager. The council has no authority over the hiring or firing of the staff.
Third, at the January 27, 2009, City Council Meeting the City Manager told the public that he was looking to re-write the job description for both Mr. McClary and the Administrative Assistant, Angela Mumme.
Finally, Ojai’s government offices are closed every Friday, his new position will entail few if any evenings, both pluses for a young man and father.
Steve McClary was an asset to the city. Let’s not turn this opportunity for him into a means to belittle any member of the Fillmore City Council.
Patti Walker
Mayor, City of Fillmore

To the Editor:
On behalf of the Fillmore-Piru 2009 Relay for Life (RFL) Committee, a BIG Thank You is declared to Mayor Patti Walker and the Fillmore City Council for granting the fee waiver to allow the RFL committee to use the Fillmore Senior Center for its planning and strategy meetings and, also, the use of Shiells Parks for the RFL event scheduled for September 26-27, 2009.
The RFL is the American Cancer Society's unique fundraiser of local community action to raise the spirits of people touched by cancer. The donated funds will provide education, advocacy, and continuing patient services, programs and life-affirming cancer research. The support, hard work, and generosity of everyone will help make the 24-hour celebration become a success and truly an inspiration.
Faith Lugo,
Chairperson RLF Committee

To the Editor:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank The City of Fillmore for their participation, In the Military Banner Program. I know there are several people / organizations responsible for the installation of these Military banners. But without the city’s participation, this program could not succeed. For an old Navy Veteran like myself, it gives me a proud feeling to see local men and women serving in the military, receiving the honor and recognition they deserve.
Raul Torres US Navy Veteran
Resident of El Dorado Estates