Letters to the Editor
March 3, 2021

To the Editor:
Second Opinion.
The GOP has taken delight in calling the Democratic Party the “Democrat Party.” Somehow, it amuses them, surely because it irritates some Democrats. I have sometimes been urged to "lighten up." So, what would amuse me? Let’s see, Pubs Party? Too fun. Repos? Descriptive and compact (would make Martin happy), but without elan. I know. The Relican Party. Sounds like something from a gauzy, long-ago era, slightly reminiscent of a bird with a large bill and distensible pouch with which it can make surprisingly loud noises, and which many mistake for an albatross. The GOP won't mind. They love a good joke.
My statements of opposition to Trump-Relicans are not based upon their political party; they are based upon their ideas and intransigence. Democracy requires integrity, analysis, weighing options and checking in with conscience. Our system of government needs a strong, thoughtful, and principled conservative voice. The present Relican Party does not represent such a voice.
But we have a few charlatans. Andrew Cuomo (Democratic governor of NY) is and always has been a pain in the neck, smug, bullying, bombastic, ego-maniacal, and now likely untruthful in a serious and substantial way (leaving aside for now the two sexual harassment claims) and should be held accountable. It’s bad enough if he did what is accused of regarding Covid statistics. The fact that he carried on like Sts. Peter and Paul in Covid-2020 just made him less sympathetic. His chances of ever being selected by the Democrats as a presidential candidate are “zayro.” Think of him as the Democratic Ted Cruz at CPAC without the sexual harassment issue. In Cuomo's favor is that he does not blame his young children for his political blunders.
I can accept errors, misjudgments, re-visitations, and just plain changing your mind for a good reason in politics. But trying to make yourself look good at the expense of public need, and offering a thuggish defense, is exactly what is not tolerable. We’ve been there, had that. And recently.
The easy political virtue of the Relicans was on dazzling display again last week. Gym Jordan and others objected to former Congressman and CA Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s nomination as Health and Human Services Secretary because he is not a physician specializing in virology. Trump’s HHS Secretary, Alex Azar, wasn’t either and it was irrelevant to his nomination. Then.
It is not essential that the HHS Secretary have taken the Hippocratic Oath as a doctor. But we see that it is a requirement of the Relican Congress that they take the Hypocritic Oath at every opportunity.
Kelly Scoles,