Letters to the Editor
March 26th, 2009

To the Editor:
Brooks, Walker, Sipes and Washburn strategically chose not to provide the cost burden to the citizens when “selling” and advocating for Measure I.
As Fillmore taxpayers we now learn:
• Our tax dollars, at an estimated conservative minimum of $200,000+, will have to pay to correct Measure I.
• Measure I short changed our kids. It reduced planned and financed park land from 16 acres to 10 acres, now without a way to fund the 10 acres.
• Measure I claimed it would reduce sprawl. We now know that the State of CA requires that affordable homes will have to be built somewhere else in town, or outside the CURB boundary. How does this reduce density or sprawl?
Brooks, Washburn and Walker wouldn’t even second a motion to follow the people’s will on Measure I.
• They asked the citizens of Fillmore to sign their petition and weren’t even willing to step up and do what is required from the Measure, which is to re-do the city’s formerly compliant and approved, specific and general plans.
• When a motion was finally approved and called for a vote, both Brooks and Washburn voted no to begin the work that Measure calls for. Go figure!
Measure I seriously devalued property values in North Fillmore.
• It reduces the number of homes which can be built, except for one property owner, who had provided them financial support during their campaign. He was formerly limited to 82 homes and under their Measure can now possibly build up to 100 homes. Is it any wonder that this particular property owner who contributed the maximum dollar amount to Washburn/Brooks and Walker campaigns benefits?
Washburn and Brooks campaign signs said “Stop Eminent Domain” and “Stop Hillside Drive”
• What we heard last night is that Measure I did not address either of those issues. Washburn complains about reducing traffic but she wouldn’t even support Measure I last night which reduces daily traffic trips in North Fillmore.
Can we continue to watch our City be destroyed by people with a private agenda? I hope not!
Cecilia Cuevas,
Former Fillmore Councilmember

To the Editor:
Piru-Fillmore community is upset and coming together of the demotion of principle Richard Durborow. He came to Piru School with open arms and took a strong look and observed the needs of the children’s education; listening to the pleads of parents and the community that wants to grow and change. We will now be a K - 6th grade school that is what we have been hoping for. Embracing everyone’s desires, needs and ideas to improve and be successful; Durborow monitoring achievement motivation, safety and learning engagement, children’s behaviors and the importance of responsible behavior, caring school climate, community values. For these kids are still very young but will move on to a middle school and a high school. With Mr. D's building blocks they will be leaders to have the healthy and happy education they deserve and the respect others must have. It makes a team to educate a child. With time and patience Piru is very successful, healthy and happy. Test scores have also gone up and recognized by an official audit team of educators that were very impressed. Student and parents are realizing the educational gain. We were also recognized for its school program improvement in educational leadership, nations premier program for school administrators; nations premier journal for school administrator. We have wonderful volunteers that give the best gift themselves. Yes we have had wonderful hard working principles that had our support. We all have comments and opinions but we need to reflect on the importance here. Richard Durborow is a great man, our hero and the best advocate for Piru School. We have been blessed by his commitment to our students and the community. With him, Piru School is succeeding and achieving in all areas. Our hearts have been ripped out and we are furious of the decision making of the Fillmore unified school district to demote him. Mr. Sweeny said the topic involves a personnel matter. We are to just accept that and go on. Perhaps is it that we are strong and succeeding and the will to change and be better. We all have worked so hard together to just sweep it under a door mat. We will continue to reach higher to put children first and to continue in the support of our principle.
K. Warring- Ponce