Letters to the Editor
March 21, 2024

To the Editor and the Citizens of Fillmore:

Are you better off today than four years ago? Some think yes; others no. It’s obvious the 2024 election will be between Biden and Trump. This election allows voters to look back eight years and weigh the difference between the two; side by side. All elections have consequences, this year will be no different. Each and everyone of us has different opinions on the topics we are to consider when voting. How and why did you come to your opinion, that’s what I’m wondering.

There are differing views on how America is today. Many have grave concerns and problems, for instance, the price of food, utilities and housing. Some worry about the state of the global situation with war in Ukraine, Israel and the violence in Haiti. Or maybe it’s China and their alliance with USA’s adversaries. Maybe it’s the immigration issue.

From mainstream media, social media sites, and platitudes from individuals, one is left to wonder what are the facts. How did someone come to the conclusion one individual is Hitler and another Jesus? What are the issues, and therefore the facts, that brought them to this, and other various conclusions?

Frankly, let’s have a debate on the issues. Give me reasons why you believe Biden or Trump should get my vote. How each of the candidates handled immigration, the economy, international crises, as well as the legal issues both face.

It would be refreshing to read letters “To the Editor” laying out facts which support your position. I believe it’s important to the Fillmore community. Let’s have an honest debate based on facts, not emotion or feelings. Let’s start with immigration. Looking forward to what the people have to say.

Patti Walker
Fillmore, Ca.