Letters to the Editor
March 19, 2014

To the Editor:
El Dorado Mobile Home Park Mailboxes
According to the US Postal Service Post Master in Fillmore the reason for putting mailboxes in the park at the clubhouse, instead of delivering it to mailboxes at the units, is because it has become unsafe for them to drive in the park since it has been switched to a “family park”!
Illegal streets (too narrow), cars not making the stop signs, kids running out in front of them, people driving too fast and all the cars parked on the streets now have created an unsafe environment. Not to mention all the thefts that have been going on since the change.
And where are the extra parking spaces and play areas that were to be put in?
Also there are only to be two people per bedroom according to the park rules. NOT SO!!! This is why there are so many cars and kids running around.
It still amazes me that over three quarters of the park voted “NO” on El Dorado becoming a family park. But the City of Fillmore had to stick their nose in it. One day it was an adult “safe park” and the next an “unsafe” family park according to the US Postal Service Post Master of Fillmore.
There is even a warning in the Park Bulletin to be on the watch for suspicious activity, to call the Fillmore Police or dial 911 immediately, printed more than once since the change.
Also check and see just how many pedophiles live in the park. A lot!! Did these families know this when they moved in?
Please understand that this is an anonymous tip because it really is a shame that a lot of people moved into this park some years ago knowing it was an adult safe park and now it is not! I have nowhere else to go being retired for awhile now. I moved out here for the quietness that once was and felt very safe out here.
No more!!
[Editor: Starting in August 2014 to the present, the Fillmore Sheriffs Police Blotter has recorded the following activity at the El Dorado Mobile Home Park: Shots Fired-2; Disturbance Party-5; Theft (Residential and Other)-5; Vandalism-1; Search Warrant-5; Burglary-1; Keep the Peace-2; Battery-1. There may have been unreported activity.]